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standby generator
standby generator

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Buy A Branded Standby Generator with Modern Features

Homeowners and small businesses are buying a standby generator due to the unexpected extreme weather conditions. For small homes and offices, a portable unit is ample if the usage is low. For powering up the whole house a 20-22kW unit is ideal. There are many makes and models available at the online stores for you to choose from. The well-known brands are more dependable and come with warranties, rebates and you can find good models at a handsome discount as well.

In terms of price the portable generators cost lesser and therefore are a practical choice. Fuel wise, you can choose from gasoline, propane, or diesel generators. Comparatively, the stationary power generators cost a little more, but you also get more power output. It has to be installed by a professional electrician who does the wiring job and connects it to your electric panel. You can connect it to specific circuits of your preference. If you have a small house and less watt usage you can do well with an 8000-watt unit. Most stationary generators come with useful features that make life a lot easier. An automatic transfer switch allows for a quick transition from grid power to generator power. You will also not need to refuel the unit if your hook it up with the kitchen gas line. Large propane tanks are also very lasting and can give you uninterrupted and clean power for a week at least. When a storm strikes your area, you can stay safe indoors for several days at a stretch till utility power is restored. Always hire a licensed electrician and a plumber to install your generator. The plumber will have to use the right hoses and fittings to connect your new generator to the fuel source. If all the work is done professionally the unit will give you better performance.

More people now opt for a dual fuel standby generator. One can make an online purchase or visit the nearby home improvements stores. When you buy in-store you will have to pay higher prices and also carry the unit to your location. Online stores charge a lot less as they have less operational expenses as compared to physical stores. Buyers save money on gas, find good discounted items at a blink and get free home delivery. 

After you buy the unit, it is advisable to read the safety manual and follow all safety instructions. The electrician will install the unit on the right spot away from the house. Gas units give off carbon monoxide fumes that are deadly and hence it is important not to run it inside a building. If not used correctly the generator can cause an explosion or fire and even death by asphyxiation. Therefore, it is a good idea to install a battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm in your house, store and office.

Portable generators can deliver electric power soon as you bring them home and fuel them up. You can run electric cords from the unit to your electric appliances or plug them directly if the unit allows you to. These days you can find nice models that come with transfer switches. This makes them ideal for small homes. Since the small portable units have a small fuel tank, they cannot run for more than 14-15 hours at a stretch without refueling.  If you are short on the budget get a portable unit, but if you have a family a proper standby generator unit will be a better choice. Those who are short on funds can always apply for financing at the online stores. With a 20kW unit, your family can use all the home appliances and heating and cooling as well. When you calculate the watts you use, consider the spike in demand when the appliances start. So, add an extra 1000-1500 watts to your calculations for a safety buffer.

The 20kW units by Generac, Briggs & Stratton and Kohler offer the latest features. These user-friendly devices are ideal for use with sensitive electronics and work quietly to produce clean electricity. Check the number and types of outlets before you make a purchase. These outlets let you connect lights, fans, and other home appliances directly to the unit.  If you want to save the energy usage, look for a standby generator with auto idle control. This allows a generator’s engine to slow down when usage is low and thus it can work for a longer period of time. All generators come with a noise rating that is measured in decibels.

If you want to be really impressed with the low sound level, check out the Yamaha EF2000iSv2, Champion 73536i, Westinghouse iGen2500 and Generac 6866 iQ2000 that operate at noise levels between 49 and 60 decibels. This is not louder than normal speech. These inverter generators are popular as they are the least noisy but are only good for short term use. If you want a super quiet unit for outdoor parties or the RV or tailgating, choose from one of the above mentioned. It can serve as an emergency backup source of power when there is a blackout.

For your stationary house generator, an automatic transfer switch is a necessity. These cost only a few hundred dollars and will keep the refrigerator, freezer, alarm system, and sump pump running if the power goes out while you are not home. There are many homes that stay without power for days and weeks when a natural calamity damages power line. Residents of the storm-prone areas like to buy their generators ahead of the stormy season and wire it properly, so all goes well during the blackout. With a unit in your house, you can help your neighbors and friends as well. Look at the latest models that are WiFi enabled and get it installed before any delay. Wi-Fi remote monitoring lets you obtain and share information on your standby generator.




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