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“Winter’s coming” isn’t gospel for seasonal businesses that thrive only in summer. Small businesses find the winter months as a “slowdown season.” Without any economic lifeline, several companies have to either shut down altogether or cut back working hours. Thanks to COVID-19, business organizations will face – and have faced – numerous challenges in a pandemic-riddled winter. In the mid-south, companies are preparing for potential closure because of cold weather and arctic blizzards. So, which industries will survive the onslaught of the upcoming frost in 2021? Here, we’ll discuss some business ventures people may undertake. At the same time, they’re jobless this winter or facing financial hurdles after business closure.

Eight Profitable Business Ventures For The Upcoming Winter

Shall I shut down my ice cream shop this winter? This question baffles many entrepreneurs since they’re unwilling to invest in enterprises that remain closed for a few months annually. Customers reduce their spending after the holiday season’s over while tourism plummets drastically in many states. But not all businesses are down from December to February. Some business ventures remain profitable during the chilliest of all months as well. But it requires formal business education to establish these ventures.

Distance learning opportunities have enabled people to improve their academic expertise. These home-based courses help you increase your business acumen. Hence, you can pursue online mba programs no gmat is required to expand your knowledge about practical business. Earning an MBA not only bolsters your academic know-how but also gives you acute insights into practical aspects of business ventures. Plus with no GMAT requirement makes it easier to pursue. For instance, you’ll learn that the following business ventures will be profitable this winter:

  1. Event planning:

Winter holidays encourage Americans – from companies to individuals – to host parties and dinners. These gatherings are organized during weekdays and require special catering services which you’ll provide. Owners of wedding venues can benefit from this opportunity. The client will expect you to deal with menu options, handle decorations, and provide parking spaces. Hosting these events can become a substantial revenue-generating opportunity for your company. But that’s just the first idea!

  1. Home cleaning:

Homeowners can hire cleaning experts throughout the year. Still, winter keeps people busy, so they’re more likely to outsource domestic cleaning. So, you can offer cleaning services to people while they attend to their families and other guests. This business venture will enable you to prepare people’s houses for Christmas events. Thus, it makes sense to offer people decent packages. These packages include deep cleaning services or setting up decorations for some bonus. This idea is evergreen!

  1. Plumbing:

Winters make American homeowners desperate to find reliable plumbing services every year. It seems logical since people need their burst/frozen pipes repaired urgently. Even warmer states seek plumbing services every winter, such as Texas and New Mexico. More people now look for plumbers online so you can establish an enterprise that excels in repairing your domestic water systems. With some nice tips about preventing frozen pipes, you can help many folks in this upcoming season.

  1. Coffee shops:

Wintery seasons cause an increase in coffee consumption. Statistics show that consumers drink 12% more coffee globally in winter months as compared to summer months. By selling this rejuvenating beverage, you’ll offer people a comfy haven along with a decent cup of joe! Moreover, many shops also sell winter-exclusive delicacies with coffee as well as free wifi and related amenities. Setting up a children’s corner with comic books will allow parents to become your daily customers as well.

  1. Snow removal:

It’s a no-brainer that snow-removal services prevail during winter months. We observe how several homeowners desperately require sidewalk/driver shoveling every winter. You can also offer to clean gutters and roofings to avoid property damage. You’ll need to purchase the necessary equipment (a snowplow, for instance) to establish this venture. It’s estimated that an average startup makes some $50,000 shoveling snow each winter. So, you can stay profitable this year with this simple idea.

  1. Auto repair:

Just as homeowners seek domestic cleaning professionals in winter, vehicle owners search for auto-repair services this season. With harsh weather conditions and slippery highways ahead, folks aren’t willing to risk their safety while traveling to meet the family. Similarly, everyday commuters arrive to have their vehicles inspected during the winter months. Statistics show that millennials now buy fewer cars than previous generations, so you’ll remain in business throughout the frosty season.

  1. Christmas stuff:

Just as autumn indicates Halloween, winter makes everyone prepare for Christmas. So, you can sell holiday decorations such as Christmas trees during the winter season. It is possible to start modestly and progressively increase as December approaches. You should also sell additional Christmas-related items, such as tinsels, garlands, wreaths, and Santa Claus figures. While spreading some festive cheers in every native household, you’ll operate a venture that flourishes chiefly during the Christmas holidays.

  1. Food delivery:

We’ve observed how food delivery apps almost doubled their business thanks to the pandemic. The lockdown compelled many homeowners to order food/groceries online. More people will prefer getting edibles delivered to their doorsteps by using just their smartphones with added winter. Many delivery companies are already operating nationwide. But you may establish a local enterprise that doesn’t invite much competition. It shall help you remain profitable during the upcoming winter.


Winter will come again like clockwork in a few months when snowstorms continue battering the nation into submission. While many firms begin to cry uncle, a few industries not only survive but also thrive. But you must conduct proper research before deciding to establish a winter-exclusive enterprise to thrive this winter. From selling coffees to removing snow, there are many ideas to please your internal entrepreneur. You can open an auto-repair shop, start a plumbing company, or institute a food delivery startup as well. Many businesses decide to sell winter clothes and Christmas decorations in the winter seasons. These ideas will help you remain profitable, while others are forced to close shop!

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