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Best Ways Blockchain Will Change SEO and Link Building
Best Ways Blockchain Will Change SEO and Link Building


Best Ways Blockchain Will Change SEO and Link Building

Blockchain is one of the most discussed subjects in recent times. According to the survey, the overall net spending for blockchain is expected to hit $11.7 billion by 2022. It is also speculated to generate total revenue of $24 billion by 2024.

Adopting blockchain, therefore, means financial institutions will reduce their expenses and save over $12 billion a year. Keep reading for more about crypto link building service that your crypto project will need.

Blockchain is becoming more of a debate, cutting deeper than this. In fact, the concept of blockchain can impact SEO and link building. This post will provide you with an extensive overview of everything you need to know about blockchain and its significant impact on the SEO world.

Blockchain Explained

Let’s understand blockchain in its simplest form.

Blockchain is a digital ledger that can record and store financial transactions. But it can also help track assets and events in a business market. Simply put, a blockchain is a Google document that is securely shared with the public. Every time you make a transaction, it is recorded into the spreadsheet. So, everyone can easily access it, and nobody will get confused over the ownership, cost, etc.

As the name suggests, blockchain involves blocks that are brought together to form a ledger. And every block is perfectly designed to store transactions based on the date, time, currency, etc. But instead of displaying the details privately, each person is given a different code known as a hash. Apart from recording transactions, blockchain can also be used to verify details of events.

Six ways blockchain can transform SEO and link building

Goodbye to click frauds

In the digital marketing process, PPC acts as an integral component, generating revenues based on the number of clicks, acquisitions, and views. With PPC, companies have to pay a certain amount of cash, and they are set a restricted budget to deal with. But PPC can be misused sometimes because competitors can click your PPC just to drive up your costs. According to statistics, 20% of PPC spending goes to these fraudulent clicks.

Thankfully, blockchain can help deal with this problem by verifying every user clicking on these ads. And this will help advertisers ensure that they are only charged by legitimate and actual clicks. Even better, it can show ads viewed by real people and block bots from viewing your ads.

The end of click fraud means increased incentives to invest more in advertising. And this will improve advertising expenditure, offering an exciting opportunity for website owners to monetize their space on the website without worrying about their ads going to waste.

End to promoting middlemen

If you are keen on Google and its role in ads, it is nothing more than middlemen. It is one of the best-known middlemen cutting off a lump sum of money from advertisers who are busy with their advertising activities. Did you know that Google charges up to 60% of the total amount advertisers earn?

Blockchain is set to make advertisements more transparent. It will decentralize products, making them more accessible to consumers.

Content trust and credibility

The Internet is full of fake news, scam links, shady reviews, and other manipulative information. The good news is that blockchain will lead to genuine content creation. People will now have to work hard to create quality content with an honest approach.

Better still, blockchain will affect the SEO ranking. Of late, it is pretty difficult to rank websites based on trust and credibility. With blockchain technology, trust will become among the determinants when checking how vague or good the website is. Yes, because people will now deliver top-quality content curated to meet customers’ expectations. Also, those who will use vague content will be penalized.

Improved affiliate marketing

Amazon, Walmart, and Aliexpress are some of the popular affiliate markets, providing exciting opportunities for people to make money. They allow people to create product websites that link back to Amazon products. Once a consumer buys a product via the links, affiliates earn a little commission (about 10% of the sale).

The implementation of blockchain will decentralize the entire process, making the traditional affiliate less worth it. No need for a network, the introduction of smart links does it all. They will help keep a sales record and provide a fair share of compensation.

Improved affiliate marketing

Improved keyword research and analysis

Blockchain will not tolerate any form of incompetence; neither will it allow any fluffy content. This is a problem that is commonly associated with black hat link building. Online sites that have adopted blockchain technology are less likely to get frustrated with keyword positioning. Also, this technology will discourage fluffy words from making more content than they should be.

Instead, blockchain technology offers advanced SEO tools to track keyword positioning, ensuring your content ranks higher than your competitors. Blockchain technology promises speed and accurate keyword positioning that demands no or minimal analysis.

Goodbye to credit cards fraud

E-commerce platforms are booming. And with them comes many challenges. People are losing millions each year due to e-commerce fraud. Implementing blockchain technology will ensure people using credit cards are who they say they are. In other words, if a person named John is using a credit card he doesn’t own, he can be easily detected.

On the other hand, blockchain technology can help prevent consumers from buying products from unknown websites, and the seller runs off with the money without delivering the item. Blockchain can become a digital escrow, holding the money until the product is delivered to the consumer. And this will help many people from losing money to online scammers.

To wrap up

There are plenty of things blockchain technology has to offer. It will change how we buy and advertise products and increase our online safety. Blockchain guarantees quality content, which will become a vital factor when ranking pages. Smart links are going to offer a seamless online experience. Click, and e-commerce fraud will be no longer there. Excited about the future of blockchain? All in all, it is safe to say that blockchain technology is going to have a significant effect on SEO and link building.

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