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Best Health Checkup Packages
Best Health Checkup Packages

Health Care

Best Health Checkup Packages – Thyrocare in Mumbai

Health check-ups are one of the most important procedures for everyone. As we progress in age, we tend to develop age-related disorders. It is always better to stay one step ahead when it comes to health so as to be prepared for any adversity.

Thyrocare packages in Mumbai and other major cities are a good solution for people of all age groups to make sure that you keep a tab on how your health is performing. There are so many different kinds of health packages that one can choose from based on their age, requirement, and target treatments for understanding current body conditions and taking necessary measures to help correct them.

Why Choose a Health Package?

A Health Package is one of the best methods to conduct all kinds of preliminary tests that a person needs to undertake before consulting a doctor. These tests can be clubbed into various little packages based on concerned diseases such as basic health check-ups, Thyroid Related tests, Oldage related tests, women’s health check-ups, diabetes test package, etc.

  • Packages Save Money

These tests when conducted separately can cost you a lot of money. When you buy a health package, you can save a lot of money on these tests.

  • Packages Save Time

As a first-time tester, you may not be sure of the tests that you need to take before consulting with a doctor. We often keep searching for information and then end up with incomplete tests and are sent back for more tests by the doctor. When you take these as a package you know for sure that these are the required tests and do not need to keep running to a testing lab later.

  • Packages give adequate data

Packages include a range of tests that gives your consulting doctor enough information as to what he is dealing with and how to take it forward. The varied tests give an overall picture of the functioning of each vital part and process of the body and help the doctor diagnose and treat better and faster.

Thyrocare Packages

Thyrocare is a very popular testing Laboratory in India dealing with all kinds of tests for preliminary and secondary screening. Thyrocare has many packages that a patient can choose from based on their requirement and the purpose of their consultation with the doctor. Thyrocare has a Centralised Processing Laboratory in Mumbai for all esoteric tests. Thyrocare has a network spanning 2000 cities across India with state-of-the-art and automated diagnostic labs.

Thyrocare packages in Mumbai are of exceptionally great quality, best prices and uses the best and most accurate technology. Thyrocare has an ISO Certified lab for its utmost dedication to quality. They have set up many partnerships with top-rated hospitals in India for fulfilling tests and scans for all patients with the best quality and with consistency.

There are many Thyrocare Health tests packages one can choose from. Below is a list of their preferred health packages:

  1. Basic & Standard Health Package

Basic and Standard health tests with 35 and 79 test options can be chosen as per the requirement of the patient. These tests are on basic body functions such as Liver, Kidney, Cardiac, Thyroid, etc.

  1. Full Body & Advanced Full Body Check-up

Full Body examination with an option of 83 and 109 tests based on the recommendation by the doctor. These tests include basic tests along with Iron profile, Urine exams, Diabetes, etc.

  1. Aarogyam Packages

Aarogyam Packages come in 3 formats, Aarogyam B, Aarogyam C, and Aarogyam 1.3 all of which have different purposes and tests.

  1. Women’s Health Package

Women’s health package has 84 tests to determine their health and bodily functions along with Thyroid tests.

  1. Senior Citizen Package

The Senior Citizen package has as many as 130 tests as a bundle checking all vital parameters in the body to make sure that all organs and functions are performing at their best ability.

  1. Diabetic Profile

Diabetic Profile has 63 tests on blood, liver, cholesterol, kidney, iron levels and lipids to estimate the current situation as well as to start treatment for those with high sugar.

  1. Arthritis Profile

Arthritis Profile consists of 59 tests based on liver, kidney, cholesterol levels, etc They give a preliminary picture of how well the bones and joints are functioning and detect early signs of Arthritis.

  1. Infertility Profile

The infertility profile tests are developed around women’s general health and hormonal health. The package includes seven tests that measure the levels of important hormones such as LH, FSH, AMH, etc along with thyroid tests which are basically the hormones that interfere with healthy fertility.

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