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Things To Check Before Choosing An Extension Box
Things To Check Before Choosing An Extension Box


Things To Check Before Choosing An Extension Box

1. Purpose of that Extension Box: 

The first and foremost criteria is to choose the purpose of the Extension Box. This is because of the rating varies from purpose to purpose.

For Example, If your purpose is for charging gadgets like Mobile phone, Laptops, iPods, Smart Watches then you can choose any but if your requirement is for something like Iron Box, Water heater, drilling machine then you need to choose according to the current rating otherwise your extension box will get burn.

2.Number of Sockets: 

Secondly, you need to decide the number of sockets for your requirements. The best idea is to choose the Extension Box with the additional sockets.

Note: Avoid using the small piece plug and play type sockets. Those are made of low-quality materials and then you might get an electric shock if you use those plug and play type sockets.

3. The shape of the Extension Box:

Nowadays, Extension Boxes are available in different shapes and sizes. If you want to mount it on the wall better go with the circular Extension Box which contains the mounting hook but the drawback is circular boxes only contain a limited number of sockets.

If you are using it in the hostel or sharing with many of your friends, then go with the rectangular shape similar to the one which shown in the picture, which can work without any problem.

4. 2 Pin or 3 Pin Plugs: 

Always prefer to use 3 pin plug instead of using 2 pin plugs. 3 Pin plug is safer than 2 pin Plug. Usually, high voltage devices like Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Mixer Grinder comes with the big 3 pin plug mainly for safety purposes.

Note once again: Avoid using 2 pin plugs.

5. Length of the Wire: 

Depending on the requirements this may vary. The commonly available Extension Board has a length of 2.5 meters. This is more than a lot for domestic purposes.

If you need more than 2.5 meters, connect two Extension Boxes or buy a custom Extension Box from a local Vendor.

6. On/Off Switches: 

The Extension Box should contain a separate ON/OFF switch for each and every socket. In this case, it’s possible to Switch ON/OFF the required socket.

Some Extension Boxes only have a single switch for the entire Extension Box. If you switch ON, then the current flows to the entire Extension Box and you cannot control the individual sockets here.

7. Material Used In the Box: 

The following materials are available in the market.

  • Cardboard and Wood Combo
  • High-Grade Plastic and Wood Combo
  • Porcelain

In these, Cardboard and Wood is the best combo and comparatively having higher safety.
















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