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Best Colours For Classrooms And The Psychology Behind It

Colours have an effect on all of our moods, and this is especially true when it comes to kids according to studies and research. The use of colours has been shown to stimulate different areas of a child’s brain. Hormones are released in the brain when it processes certain colours, resulting in different effects on their behaviour and mood. Cool shades of greens and blue are great for creating a calming atmosphere whilst vibrant colours, like red and yellow are stimulants and mood boosters. 

If you’re a teacher looking to get the classroom recoloured, there are some great residential painting services in Perth perfect for the job. This article will go deeper into some colours that are great for providing an atmosphere of creativity and productivity. 

Serotonin and positive stimulants

Warmer vibrant colours are great for providing kids with a positive atmosphere to help them boost their attention and interest in the classroom. Positivity and stimulation help kids to stay engaged and actively participate in the classroom. Just remember overuse of these colours can be overstimulating to the children and can cause a sense of stress and information overload. So when you get your trusty Perth painters to do the job, get them to use the colour sparingly. 


Red is a very vibrant colour that is crying for attention. It’s best to be sparing with red colours in the classroom but it helps to keep children attentive and interested in the class. Bookshelves and/or chars are great to use as they won’t overwhelm the room in colour. 


Having splashes of yellow helps to provide the room with a positive and happy atmosphere. Yellow has been shown to generate serotonin chemicals in the brain, which gives a sense of happiness. It’s the same chemical produced when we feel happy about seeing a puppy. 

Try to add yellow throughout the room in sparse splotches in the same way as red, as oversaturation can actually overstimulate and potentially cause stress. Try to keep yellow for free time areas, or to the odd accent colour on the wall with a painting or artwork for visual interest. 


As you may know, orange is a mix of red and yellow, so the effect it has should both happiness and attention, which is true!  Orange is great for any classroom as it’s perfect for giving the kids a sense of excitement. Trust us, the kids won’t think the classroom will be boring with orange colours around. Like the other warm colours, keep it to splashes here and there. If you have toys and visual interest objects coloured in orange will help provide that energetic atmosphere that’s great in a classroom. 

Calmness and creativity

A classroom is also a place where work has to be done. It’s important for kids to be in a location that can give a sense of calmness and creativity. Whilst the bright yellows and reds are great for attention, they need to be used sparingly whereas the cooler colours for this next category can be used a bit heavier. 


One of the best all-around colours that provide the room with a feeling of focus, and calm. Memory and creativity are helped by the use of blues. Blue is a great choice for the walls as it’s pleasing and relaxing to the eye. 


Much like blue, green is a perfect all-rounder. Whilst blue is great for calmness, green can prompt creativity in the child’s mind. As there is a sense of wonder within there from the positive yellow pigments, yet grounds them with the blue. Having the desks or walls in green will stimulate the creative juices in the brain of everyone in the classroom. 

A colour for the teacher

Yes, you read that right. There is a great colour for the teaching area. Bear in mind you should keep it light, and use it as a visual interest. Teachers are seen as authoritative figures and should inspire feelings of trust and learning. 


Purple is a choice colour for giving a feeling of calmness and positivity, as it’s a mix between blue and yellow. Using purple for teachers can give a sense of authority, yet not imposing if kept to a light purple. Perhaps a light purple for a few objects on the teacher’s desk to give that sense of respect and positivity. Purple can be very garish if overused, so keep it to a few key locations of interest. 

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