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Beginner Styling Tips for a New Watch Owner
Beginner Styling Tips for a New Watch Owner


Beginner Styling Tips for a New Watch Owner

Watches are one of those accessories that you rarely take off once you wear them. While your go-to piece may be a watch, styling it appropriately and in a classy manner is an art. This way, it will not only be functional but also serve as a statement. Fortunately for you, how you style your watch will usually depend on your style personality. For instance, someone who is into street style can easily make a dress watch work with the rest of the look.

This may be different from the norm, but they can pull this style off as long as they know what they are doing. Whether you like leather or polished gold bands on your watch, some tips could help you style it like a style icon. These are a few of the basic unwritten rules that you should build on.

  1. Know which wrist you want your watch to go on

If you don’t know which arm to wear your Rolex watch on, the decision is solely up to you. For instance, some women prefer to wear their watches on their dominant hands. The primary reason for this is comfort or functionality. However, if you’re scared of scratching or damaging it, you might want to wear your watch on the less dominant hand. In other parts of the world like Japan, women wear them on the inner side of their wrists.

You should observe the design of your watch, and this will guide you. Typically, the crown is on the watch’s right side, making it easier to turn if you are right-handed. If you are going with this traditional design, it’s best to wear your watch on your left wrist.

  1. Layering with bracelets 

There are bracelet watches in the market if that is more your style. Alternatively, you can choose to layer your bracelets with your wristwatch, even though most people don’t find it ideal. Still, it is possible to make this aesthetic work.

For example, many ladies wear oversized dials to dress up their outfits. Depending on what you’re wearing for the day, you can buy a watch that has double-wrap straps. This watch will work better with a few extra bracelets for that layered look.

  1. Wearing a watch to evening events

Women have access to various watch designs, and you shouldn’t be shy to experiment. When you’re wearing your evening gown to an event, you might want to put on that glamorous wristwatch for an elegant look. A diamond-studded watch that’s been tastefully made will replace your classic everyday watch.

If the evening event is more casual, you can choose one with brown or black leather bands. Favourable materials include stainless steel and gold.

Accessories can make or break an outfit. You want your watch to make a statement, and these tips will come on handy. Remember to take your time researching and save to invest in a luxury watch that will serve you for many years.

Wearing bracelet watches or wristwatches with separate bracelets and bangles add a modern but elegant touch to your outfit. You can invest in a few premium-quality models in silver, rose-gold, pink, and blue combinations to add excellent shades and styles for a variety of your outfits.

Today, many renowned brands in the watch industry are designing bracelet watches that are suited for both casual and formal occasions. Each watch comes with a removable double buckle so you can adjust the watch according to your wrist size.

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