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Beautiful Taper Fade
Beautiful Taper Fade


Why a Taper Fade Haircut Is the Best Look

In the last few years, men’s short hairstyles have been trending…from buzz cuts to fades to crew cuts, these sleek looks are not only stylish, but sexy. Are you ready to go short and sport one of these popular hairstyles?

Taper fades are one of the hottest looks when it comes to trendy men’s hairstyles. More and more men are opting for this look as it is not only extremely appealing, but also easy to style and super versatile. In addition, you can sport a taper fade no matter where you are in your life…age-wise, or lifestyle.

In this article, we will focus on the taper fade to help you determine if this is the look you want to embrace as the new year approaches.

Beautiful Taper Fade

What is a Taper Fade Haircut?

To put it simply, a taper fade is a form of a crew cut. It is a shorter hairstyle in which there is drastically more length on the top of the heat as opposed to the back and sides. One of the best things about this look is that the length of the fade can be adjusted to suit your personal style and taste. From low to medium to high fade, there is a look for everyone.

To put it mildly, a taper fade is a style that fades to a longer length at the top of the head and is styled in a tapered look that gives this style its name.

Why Taper Fades Are All the Rage

There are many phrases that come to mind when one thinks of the taper fade. Classy, sexy, sporty, edgy and stylish are just a few of the terms used to describe this popular men’s hairstyle.

Those who have been thinking of a shorter length but don’t want to lose texture and volume will love this look due to its versatility. According to MensHaircuts, there are countless ways to style a taper fade so you won’t blend in with the crowd. The right look will set up apart and give you a renewed sense of style and boost your self-esteem. As well, a taper fade haircut can make you feel younger and help you recapture your youth thanks to your new-found confidence!

Taper fades have been quite the rage for the last few years. They tend to be a popular summer style as they keep you cool thanks to the shorter back and sides. However, this look is suitable for any time of year and any type of weather.

Taper fades also work well with all hair textures from wavy to curly to poker straight. As well, there is a taper fade cut for every facial shape and every style!

Generally speaking, taper fade cuts are pretty easy when it comes to styling. Some styles will require a bit of upkeep. You may need some product and a hairdryer to achieve your desired look. However, a few minutes and a bit of effort are well worth the final look! And don’t forget, taper fades look super sexy with a neatly trimmed beard! Or you can sport a long beard for a slightly edgier look!

You will have to see your barber for a trim every four to six weeks, depending on how quickly your hair goes. You need to keep the back and sides trimmed to maintain the fade and help tame the length on the top of your hair. But one of the best things about getting your hair trimmed every few weeks is that it keeps it healthy and shiny. Additionally, if you are bored with your current look, you can mix it up and go for a different approach to the taper fade!

Why Taper Fades Are All the Rage

Here Are Some of the Hottest Looks for Taper Fades

  1. Pompadour taper fade
  2. Low Taper Fade
  3. Spiky Taper Fade
  4. Classic Caesar Cut Taper Fade
  5. Mid Taper Fade
  6. Wavy Taper Fade
  7. High Taper Fade
  8. Mohawk Taper Fade
  9. Curly Taper Fade
  10. Slicked Back Taper Fade
  11. Natural Hair Taper Fade
  12. Afro Taper Fade
  13. Taper Fade with Dreadlocks
  14. Quiff Taper Fade
  15. Side-Part Taper Fade
  16. Long, Curly Taper Fade
  17. Taper Fade Undercut
  18. Taper Fade with Hard Part
  19. Taper Fade with Fringe
  20. Flat Top Taper Fade

Check out some of the hottest looks for taper fades below!

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