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Awesome Mods to Make to Your Truck 

Think about the reasons for installing a gun rack in your truck. It may be because you want to show off your latest rifle build. You worked hard to achieve just the right combinations of an upper receiver and accessories to create a cool-looking addition to your arsenal, and you want your buddies to admire it.

Although your latest firearm nestled in a gun rack in your truck is a good start, there are several other awesome modifications you can do to your vehicle to make it a rolling palace of wonderment.

Lift It High

Starting with one of the more common but no less awesome modifications to your truck is a lift kit. Although you may just be going for fabulous, installing a lift kit also serves a few practical reasons.

Pickup trucks, by their nature, are big vehicles, but even that may not help if the terrain you’re constantly navigating is piled high with snow or you’re traveling through terribly muddy conditions. Both extremes can wreak havoc on the frame of your truck.

Installing a lift kit will guarantee more clearance and keep your truck clear of most inclement weather conditions. Another great feature of installing a lift kit is that it allows for more extensive tire configurations.

There are a few things to consider before installing a lift kit, though. While this one modification will make the truck look totally cool, you may lose a bit of horsepower as the driveline will take on a little more stress.

Also, once you’ve installed a lift kit, you’ll need to purchase a dependable step bar that won’t bend or crack because you’ve just raised the level of your truck cab. You could carry a step ladder in the bed of your truck if you want to, but you’ll lose some serious cool points every time you try to get in your vehicle.

The Rubber Meets the Road

Since a lift kit allows for many different tire configurations, one awesome modification you can make to your truck is a set of all-terrain tires. There are so many to choose from, but most all-terrain tires have a couple of things in common.

First, they provide positive traction regardless of whether you’re on pavement or driving out in the boondocks. Second, all-terrain tires last much longer than factory tires.

If you’re doing a lot of driving, or even if you aren’t, a set of all-terrains will guarantee that your truck will get the admiration it deserves. And for a lot longer than with a factory set of tires.

Chilling Intakes and a New Set of Pipes

Some of the best modifications you can make may hide beneath the hood of your truck, but the results of a cold air intake will certainly up the game on horsepower and add a few miles per gallon with improved fuel efficiency.

If driving your truck is part of your day-to-day livelihood, replacing the factory air intake with a cold air intake will turn out to be one of the best mods you will ever perform.

Another mod that logically follows the installation of a cold air intake is installing a tricked-out exhaust system. When combined with your recently installed cold air intake, a custom exhaust system will increase the horsepower and fuel efficiency even higher.

These two awesome modifications alone will improve your truck’s overall operational life span and decrease the hits to your pocket each time you fill the tank.

Flipping the Cover

If you want to take better fuel efficiency to a higher level, nothing is more awesome than installing a Tonneau cover. A Tonneau Cover, however, is not just a cool modification.

Not only will a Tonneau cover offer your truck a sleek look, but it will alter the aerodynamics flowing around your truck. In short, less drag and wind resistance means better fuel efficiency.

You won’t have to replace that tailgate with webbing or remove it entirely to eliminate drag after installing a Tonneau cover. Besides, a tailgate party without a tailgate is undoubtedly going to be a bummer.

While a Tonneau cover ups the ante on fuel efficiency, it also protects the contents of the material you’re hauling in the bed of the pickup at the same time. With a Tonneau Back Flip cover, it’s as simple as flipping the lid open and then flipping it closed to protect your truck bed and your load from the harsh elements.

The market is full of awesome mods you can install on your truck, and these are just a few of the best that not only will give your vehicle a customized appearance but save you money in the long run.  Think of it this way.  The more money you save, the more awesome mods to your truck you get to make.

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