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Awesome Benefits of a Vertical Garden
Awesome Benefits of a Vertical Garden

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Awesome Benefits of a Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are becoming more popular all the time. Many modern houses are built to save space, which can mean that gardens are small, or that they aren’t conventionally shaped. This can make growing plants and crops very difficult, and often leads to homeowners barely using their gardens.

A vertical garden, whether it’s a full wall, or simply pots hung on fences, is a great way to make the most of your space and installing one can have countless benefits. Here’s a look at some of them.

Great for Smaller Gardens

If you’ve got a small garden, you might think that there’s not much that you can do with it. You’ve probably assumed that you can’t grow crops and that any color should be limited. You might not want to give up too much of your floor space to a flower bed. But with a vertical garden, you can fill a wall with color and even grow crops, without taking up much space at all. Follow this link for some ideas.

More Opportunities for Larger Gardens

Even if you have a bigger garden, if you want an outdoor dining area, a hot tub, and other larger elements, you might be relucent to give up lots of ground to plants and flowers. A vertical garden means that you can have it all. lf you plan on adding a vertical garden to your yard’s fence, make sure that the yard is properly leveled with fill dirt.

A Vertical Garden Can Create Privacy

Adding height to your garden can help you to create extra privacy, which can be useful if your neighbor’s gardens are right next door. But tall, plain fences are boring. Adding a vertical garden creates privacy and adds beauty in one go.

They’re Easy to Maintain

A vertical or wall garden can be much easier to maintain. Your plants and their leaves will be cleaner because they won’t be splashed by water and mud every time it rains, any crops will be much easier to harvest if you don’t have to bend down to dig things out, even pruning and watering will be easier without any bending. This can be especially ideal if you love to garden but have mobility issues.

You’ll Save Water

Installing a full vertical garden using a kit means that you’ll have excellent watering and drainage, which will help you to save water, give your plants more, and even help you to avoid overwatering. Even if your vertical garden is less formal, with a few baskets and pots on a fence, it’ll be much easier to water them without waste.

Create Beauty in Less Traditional Spaces

Even if you don’t have a garden, using height means that you can add beauty. Hang pots on banisters, place window baskets on outdoor sills and steps, and leave pots on any ledges.

A Great Backdrop

Let’s face it, one of the biggest benefits of a vertical garden is how great it looks. We’ve all seen influencers posing for photos in front of a living wall. Create your own and you’ll always have a stunning backdrop.

The best news is that vertical gardens are easy to install. Start small, with a few pots, baskets, or a starter kit, and build up from there. You’ll soon have a thriving garden that looks fantastic and is easy to look after.

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