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Are You Tired of Buying Bottled Water 3 Easy Solutions
Are You Tired of Buying Bottled Water 3 Easy Solutions

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Are You Tired of Buying Bottled Water 3 Easy Solutions

A bottled water habit not only costs a bundle to keep it up with each month, but it also adds to the vast amount of plastic waste contributed to the planet each day. In case you weren’t aware, plastic waste is a serious problem. Also, are you tired of lugging around heavy cases of water? Or waiting for your favorite brand to go on sale? Chances are, you’ll be a lot better off by skipping bottled water altogether.

The point of this article is to show you how to make premium drinking water in the comfort of your own home and how to store/transport the water you make. Considering most bottled water is something that you can replicate at home, why not make it yourself and start saving?

In the following passages, you’ll learn ways to make bottled-water quality drinking water at home.

1. How to Make Alkaline Water at Home

Are you someone who regularly drinks Essentia Water or other pricey bottled alkaline water brands? If the answer is yes, it’s time to start making your own. If you’ve been drinking it for a while, then you already know it’s something you’d like to continue drinking every day, so why not make your own?

The best way to make your own alkaline water is to invest in a water ionizer. A water ionizer, aka alkaline water machine, is a kitchen appliance that makes alkaline ionized water for you. This is the same type of water that companies bottle and sell for exorbitant prices.

When choosing an ionizer, there are both countertop and under-sink models to choose from, with under-sink models typically costing more. Depending on how much you value your counter space and how much of it you have, you’ll want to choose carefully.

Also, when deciding whether a water ionizer is right for you, take a moment to calculate how much you spend on bottled water each month. Then, calculate how much time it’ll take you to recoup the expense of investing in your own ionizer. You might be surprised by how quickly it’ll pay for itself.

Lastly, if you don’t want to invest in an ionizer, your next best option is an alkaline water filter pitcher or countertop filter. While these aren’t as good as ionizers, they’re both still a step in the right direction.

2. Reverse Osmosis

If you regularly drink popular bottled water brands, chances are, you’re drinking reverse osmosis water with minerals added for taste. If you’re unfamiliar with reverse osmosis, it’s one of the most efficient water filtration methods.

The key to a reverse osmosis system is the reverse osmosis membrane that features microscopic pores. During the filtration process, water gets forced through the microscopic pores, thus stripping the water of all its impurities, including minerals.

The end result is demineralized, nearly blank water. For this reason, bottled water companies add minerals back to reverse osmosis water “for taste.” To do this yourself, you simply add a remineralization stage to your system.

When choosing a reverse osmosis system for your home, there are under-sink and countertop versions, similar to alkaline water machines. Traditionally, under-sink systems are better and more efficient. Once installed, you’ll install an auxiliary faucet at your sink to dispense the reverse osmosis water.

All in all, reverse osmosis is one of the most available and best ways to filter water in the comfort of your own home. Plus, a properly installed and customized system will dispense bottled-water quality drinking water. What’s not to like?

3. Invest in a Stainless Steel Water Bottle

The best way to store and transport your drinking water is with a double-wall, vacuum-insulated stainless steel water bottle. By purchasing one or more of these, you instantly cut down on plastic waste you create.

Besides cutting down on plastic waste, you also get a superior water bottle. The magic of this type of bottle is its ability to keep drinks cool and hot for extended periods of time. This means, your drinks stay cold for hours during the hot summer months.

Additionally, this type of bottle doesn’t sweat because of its double-wall construction. In turn, you’re able to place your water bottle in your car’s cupholder without worry about it sweating onto other items you may have placed there.

When choosing this type of water bottle, reach for trusted brands that use high-quality food-grade stainless steel such as 18/8. Also, check to be sure that all of the components are BPA & BPS-Free.


These are the two best ways to make bottled-water quality drinking water in the comfort of your own home. Once installed, both water ionizers and reverse osmosis systems require minimal maintenance. Just be sure to keep track of filter life and change the filters on time to avoid damaging either system.

In addition to making superb drinking water at home, you also now know how to transport and store your water to significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste you create each year. Ultimately, it’s a win-win for the planet and you.

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