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Are Rear Bumpers Worth It
Are Rear Bumpers Worth It


Are Rear Bumpers Worth It?


One of the most common questions about rear bumpers we get asked is “are they worth it?” The answer is yes.  Back bumpers are a crucial part of any build and will help you in more ways than you can imagine. But what will you gain with a new rear bumper?  What benefits do they provide?  How much do they cost?  Read below to find out more!

Benefits Of A Rear Bumper

One of the main benefits that a rear bumper offers at first glance if of course looks. Bumpers in general, especially rear ones, always seem to be an afterthought. That problem can be easily solved thanks to the many options currently available. Brands like Ranch Hand, Steelcraft, Hammerhead, and many more all bring something to the game in terms of looks.

On top of that, a new back bumper can have other benefits such as increased ground clearance and much better durability. Most brands choose to make their bumpers from heavy-duty steel. Some will even go with aluminum to satisfy those that want to keep weight down.

How Much Is A Custom Rear Bumper?

A new rear bumper can be much lower in price when compared to its front counterparts. Oftentimes, they can be even less than that of a new stock bumper after factoring in prep and paintwork. BumperStock has several rear bumpers in stock for the most popular trucks today.

How Much Is A Custom Rear Bumper

Be prepared to pay anywhere from $650 to over $2,000 for a new back bumper? In hindsight, it is a small price to pay for all the extra attention and usability your pickup is going to offer.

Can I Drive Without A Rear Bumper?

While you can drive without a rear bumper, we do not recommend it. Not only is it unsafe but some states outlaw it. Why? Bumpers are made to protect the vehicle in case of a rear-end collision. Removing it will only increase the likelihood of damage to you and your vehicle.

If you want extra ground clearance and an increased departure angle, get a proper aftermarket bumper. It will provide a reduced risk of problems out on the trails while still giving you protection on public roads. Plus it looks much better than running so bumper at all, don’t you think?

Will Handling Be Impacted?

Custom bumpers are usually heavier than. Although they will have a few extra pounds, they are not nearly as noticeable as front options. However, as is often the case, aftermarket bumpers can decrease the stopping distance and hardcore cornering in emergencies.

Once your new bumper is on, take your vehicle out for its maiden voyage to see and feel any differences the new bumpers have made. Chances are that not much will have changed, but better safe than sorry.

Will Handling Be Impacted

Final Words

In conclusion, truck bumpers are worth it because they help protect your vehicle’s expensive rear end, especially on newer trucks where some taillights and tailgates are worth a small fortune. Be sure to check out for the widest selection of aftermarket truck bumpers on the internet today!

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