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Bubble Mailers Image
Bubble Mailers Image

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All You Should Know About Using Bubble Mailers 

Bubble wrap us protective packaging material used in commercial and industrial applications. Engineers discovered bubble wrap accidentally while creating 3D wallpaper in 1957 using plastic materials. Bubble wrap comes in various options and multiple size bubbles. In addition, it is two plastic sheets bonded by a polyethylene compound.

Each individual bubble wrap sheet has bubbles with a diameter ranging from ¼ inch to 1 inch or more. Larger bubbles offer better protection and stability. Some bubble wrap comes with anti-static compounds ideal for electronics. This makes the effectiveness of this packaging material in the packing and shipping industry. 

Understanding bubble mailers

This is bubble wrap incorporated in a shipping envelope. Bubble wrap heavily resists shock and static buildup making it ideal for use in the envelope. It is non-adhesive and easily slides around to prevent contents from slipping out and getting damaged. The envelopes made from Kraft paper or poly to enhance the effectiveness of bubble mailer. Kraft paper is created from treated wood chips with sodium hydroxide and sulfide. This makes Kraft paper very strong, clean, waterproof, and elastic for use to carry different items regardless of distance.  

There is also poly bubble lined mailer envelopes. This is self-sealing, waterproof, clean, and tough to carry fragile items across long distances.  These envelopes come with strong multilayered polyethylene film and close easily with effectiveness. You can purchase these bubble mailers bulk at a wholesale price making it more affordable. Additionally, poly bubble mailers have exceptional puncture resistance, high cushioning performance, tear strength, and flexible protection for various items. 

Instances when to use bubble mailers

Flat solid items 

For extreme durability backed by interior cushioning, bubble mailers are ideal for sending flat solid items that require extra padding throughout the journey. Items such as CDs, DVDs, small electronics, plaques, books, and jewelry require transportation in bubble mailers. These keep the items safe from damage, dents, or scratches during transit.

Soft items 

When sending soft items, poly bubble mailers are a wonderful option. Soft items are usually made from fabric and include lines, clothing, blankets, and towels. Additionally, poly bubble mailers are ideal for packaging t-shirts when delivering to customers. The mailers have cushioning to prevent the item inside from creasing. This ensures that the item looks appealing and looking nice when unpacked. The bubble mailers have ruggedness and make the item look more organized to the customer. 

Benefits of using bubble mailers


This requires businesses and individuals to practice living green. Fortunately, bubble mailers from Kraft paper are recyclable. Kraft comes from trees with are sustainable to making Kraft bubble mailers biodegradable. After use, the mailers are easy to dispose of.


Bubble mailers have exceptional strength. After unpacking, this packaging is reused for other purposes such as storing important documents. Reusing bubble mailers limits build up on landfills and prevents eyesore when disposed of anywhere. Poly bubble lined mailers come with a self-sealing feature that allows opening without damaging the mailer to allow reuse. 

Moisture resistance 

Both Kraft bubble mailers and poly bubble lined mailers are moisture resistant. This keeps contents safe from getting ruined by moisture during transit. Goldenrod Kraft paper mailers come with air bubble lining while poly mailers come with a strong, multilayered polyethylene film. It makes bubble mailers wonderful at delivering items safe from water damage. 

Seal sealing 

All bubble mailers come with a self-sealing feature backed by self-seal tamper-proof adhesive. This guarantees that no one tampers with the package during transit. Additionally, poly mailers come with anti-stat release liner. When peeled off, this just falls on the ground without clinging to the person packing. This allows the packer to work at a speedy interval with efficiency and effectiveness. 

Opening feature

It is very important not to let your customers who have eagerly waited for their purchase to spend time and effort opening the package. The solution is to use bubble mailers that open easily using a quick tear strip. Luckily, this doesn’t compromise the safety of the contents. This will give your customers a good experience especially when they have many packages to open. 

Lightweight rigidity 

Bubble mailers are the best packaging solution when sending fragile items to long distances. These come with cushioning, waterproofing, and extreme rigidity without being heavy. The rigidity enhances protection of the contents while the lightweight allows shipping at a low cost. This packaging doesn’t have substantial weight to add on that of the contents to hike the shipping charges. 

Bottom line 

The most effective and safest packaging option to ship fragile items cost-effectively is by using bubble mailers. These can be purchased in bulk at a lower cost and their lightweight keeps shipping costs down. Bubble mailers have a slim profile backed with extreme durability to make sending various items regardless of distance safer and cheaply. 

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