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All There is to Know About PC 104
All There is to Know About PC 104

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All There is to Know About PC 104

PC 104 is an embedded computer standard that is defined by stacking bus structure and compact footprint. By following mainstream PC bus development, PC 104 leverages large PC hardware and software markets. This minimizes the development cost and reduces time to market. To tailor a system to fit users’ project requirements, users and system designers can choose from a wide array of specialized PC104.

Benefits of PC104

There are several advantages that PC104 has:


PC104 contains modules that are embedded to work together. Using multiple PC104 modules from different PC104 manufacturers, users can tailor a system for their specific requirements. To buy SIMATIC HMI TP1200 Comfort visit:


The PC104 is designed to allow connection or stacking of PC104 modules like building blocks. A PC104 may entail a power supply module, a CPU, and peripheral modules like network modules, data collection modules, or storage devices.


A PC104 offers compelling computer processing and data-collection capabilities. However, they occupy a minimal footprint. Some applications may need a power supply and one PC104 single board computer. However, advanced applications can use multiple special-purpose peripheral modules, including video controllers, data collection cards, Ethernet switches, and GPS receivers.


PC104 is naturally durable. To ensure minimum printed circuit board flex in high vibration scenarios, it has a small footprint and corner mounting. Many modules allow operation from -40 to +85 degrees Celsius because they’re manufactured with extended temperature components.

Specifications of PC104

PC/104 Consortium maintains the PC104 specifications. Here are the PC104 specifications.

  • PC/104 specifications
  • PC/104-Plus specifications
  • PCL-104 specifications
  • PCL/104-Express specifications
  • PCLe/ 104 specifications

PC/104 Connectors

There are two types of connectors that technological systems products use.

The standard PC/104 connector

The standard PC/104 connector is used at the bottom of a PC/104 stack or by itself.

It is provided by default on all our PC/104 single-board computers.

The PC/104 stack-thru connector

This is commonly used by clients who wish to use their PC/104 motherboard with technologic systems single board computers.

Potential Compatibility Issues

Compatibility issues sometimes appear. Even though it’s plausible to gather a system using boards from various vendors, subject to fundamental bus structure compatibility issues.

The Contention of Power Supply

Some boards can provide power on the stack, leading to conflict with a power supply in the stack.

Supply Voltages Power Required

Care must be taken when supplying all the voltages required for the boards in the stack because PC/104 buses provide for several supply voltages. However, the board manufacturers have kept the voltages that are used discreetly.


The CPU board is supposed to drive the VIO signal on the PCI bus. However, some power supplies and peripheral boards drive this signal.

Levels of PCI signaling

Some boards may expect one voltage as others expect a different. However, the PCI bus may operate at +3.3v or +5v.

PC/104 Stacking Limits

  • Universal Serial Bus and Serial Advanced Technology Attachment.
  • PCI Bus
  • PCI Express
  • ISA Bus

The maximum number of boards of a PC/104 stack may be limited due to weight, power restrictions for the target application, and size regardless of the buses used.

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