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All in one Social Media Marketing Platform benefits
All in one Social Media Marketing Platform benefits

Social Media

All in one Social Media Marketing Platform benefits

Social media marketing is gaining momentum. We see various companies trying to increase brand awareness and attract more customers by being active on social media. But we also know that this is a laborious process. You will need to post regularly, engage with your audience, and gradually build up your subscriber base. While you can buy followers, the chances of converting them into customers are nil. How can you manage your social media posts without spending too much time on them?

Is there a way to schedule posts on all sites ahead of time? Can you post the same post on all social networks at once? Now you can. Postoplan is one such platform that allows you to manage your social media marketing from one place. It is an easy-to-use and highly effective way to expand your market reach without spending too much money on advertising. check yourself


Postoplane was first launched in Estonia. It is now available to entrepreneurs around the world. The corporation prides itself on contribution the platform for free of charge. Yes. They have paid services. But the free plan has a lot to offer, and the company says it intends to continue to do so. It has been found that business owners can save up to 90% on social media marketing with Postoplan. They were also able to see their customer base grow by up to 40%.

Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing Tools

We have highlighted some of the benefits of using these tools in the previous paragraphs. However, it is worth discussing them in more detail here.

Helps Save Time, Energy and Effort:

50% of all agencies using these tools do it to save time. I already mentioned that manually posting posts is a tricky job, no matter how passionate you are about it. I personally think this is a very unproductive task. A social media marketing tool can help you schedule posts throughout the month and split them based on content components and strategies. You can also add all your customer data in one software and create multiple projects with different teams.

Useful for data generation, reporting and analytics:

While there are some tools that are just fine for publishing, others go even further and offer reporting and data creation. They also help you analyze what your competitors are doing in the industry. This is very helpful when planning your content strategy.

Tracking and evaluating is one of the key performance indicators required by almost all clients. Engagement growth reports to top performing publications – Reports can help you impress clients and have a positive impact on your agency.

Improves customer relationship management:

Advanced social media marketing tools help match posts and notify you as soon as someone has posted, liked, commented or shared your post. You would be wondering how I can get all this information about the cell phone itself. However, getting a prompt in the toolbar will help you respond instantly to the person directly. We all know how important it is to get back to the consumer as early as possible. A bad comment can wipe our millions off your business valuation, while a quick turnaround can add millions to your valuation.


Using social media marketing tools is no longer a luxury. With free, affordable and expensive options on the market, you can choose the one that suits your needs and requirements. I can guarantee you that once you start using one of the’s how useful, effective, and important they are for any meaningful social media management activity. You can start using Postoplan for free today! Create addition your social media accounts in just two minutes. Setting up and managing with Postoplan is a breeze, so you can take control of your social media marketing strategy in no tools; you cannot do it without check yourself.

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