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All About Blockchain Council In A Nutshell
All About Blockchain Council In A Nutshell


All About Blockchain Council In A Nutshell – Achieve Excellence In Blockchain Research

Do you want to get excellent in the field of blockchain? Well, you have landed in the right place. Let’s have a look at what Blockchain Council is and what are the certifications and benefits that we can acquire.

Here is everything you need to know about blockchain Council to achieve excellence.

What Is the Blockchain Council?

Blockchain council is the authority that consists of the field professionals and fanciers who are preaching Blockchain Development. It uses several types of cases and commodities and provides knowledge to the consumers.

You all are aware that Blockchain Technology is quickly growing. Hence, Blockchain Council is there to raise awareness among the individuals in Blockchain Space by educating about the same globally. Are you aware that there is a vast scope in this field you can’t even think about? And if you want a bright career in Blockchain, then Blockchain Council has brought you several certifications to enhance your career in this field.

There are more than 40 courses available on Blockchain Council. But first, let’s talk about why you should choose blockchain certifications and the benefits of educating from the Blockchain Council, that is to achieve excellence in Blockchain Research.

Why get certified by the Blockchain Council?

There are more than many advantages of getting certified by the Blockchain Council. The copious advantages of certifications of Blockchain Council include:

  • Deep understanding of Blockchain Council
  • Learn to implement cases used in Blockchain Council
  • How to use Blockchain in your business
  • Blockchain council assists you throughout the training program
  • Chances of getting hired increase after getting certified
  • You will get lifetime access to the valuable content available in certification courses of Blockchain Council
  • You will lead the world of Blockchain Council and will be able to provide solutions to your or any other business based on Blockchain Council

Where does Blockchain Council Stand?

You might be imagining that this is some sort of promotion and you are encouraged to enroll in it. But it is not true. The Blockchain council itself has a huge name.

Fine, you are not new. Take a look at these statistics:

  • Blockchain council is a dominating council that has certified over 5,000 graduates till now.
  • It has students from around 90 nationalities.
  • It has more than 1500 members at present.
  • It is a trusted council with over 100 years.
  • It is trustworthy to more than 300 companies.
  • The teachers will be experts who have more than 10 years of experience in Blockchain.

Blockchain council is not only an individual institute. It has composed partnerships with famous associations with its trustworthiness. These great associations include Softblock, Brainchain, Shinelearning, American Blockchain, cryptocurrency association, and blockchain learning.

So, now you know where the blockchain council stands. It is indeed a trustworthy council with more than 100 years. So you can choose its certification courses without being in a worry that getting certified from it is truly worth it or not.

Why get certified?- Opportunities after certification and Salary Criteria.

The demand for Blockchain field-related professionals has increased over time. But the individuals are less available and if they are available then they don’t have much knowledge about the field.

Excellency is something that every company requires in its employees. So there is wide use of these certificates. These certificates from the blockchain council help you in securing these job positions and fields:

  • Blockchain Legal Consultant
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Blockchain UX Designer
  • Blockchain web designer
  • Blockchain quality engineer
  • Blockchain project manager
  • Blockchain solution architect

Sectors in which one gets a job after getting excellent in blockchain technology include:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Business Associations
  • Tech firms
  • Accountancy
  • Banking and Finance
  • Data Storage
  • Health Care
  • Government Bodies
  • Media
  • Real Estate

If an individual is a Blockchain graduate, then one’s salary criteria can range from $1,25,000 to $1,75,000.

The Details of Courses empowered by Blockchain Council.

There are more than 40 online courses empowered by Blockchain Council. Each course has its value. And now you already know where the Blockchain Council stands so you can get the idea of the profitable content in the courses. You are now aware too of the copious opportunities and higher salaries in this field. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore a few of the courses and what sort of courses the Blockchain Council has in its treasure.

  1. 1. Certified Corda Architect

Program Duration- 6 Hours.

Who is Corda Architect?

A Corda Architect is responsible for eliminating costly variances and enforcing institutions for transactions by clever contracts and proper security.

What will you learn after completing the certification?

After completing this certification course, you will be a champion in the nucleus concepts of the Corda platform. There are a lot of opportunities in various fields for a corda architect.

Where can you get placed after this certification?

This Blockchain Council Course is useful for Venture Capitalists, Investment Bankers, Software Developers, Business Development Managers, Project and Program Managers, etc. You can get a job in the Healthcare Industry, Information and Technology Industry, Business Industry, etc.

  1. Certified Bitcoin Expert

Program Duration- 6 Hours.


Who is a Bitcoin Expert™?

A bitcoin expert has mastered or expertise in the fundamentals of Bitcoin and then uses this knowledge to rebuild and enhance the old running businesses with new fundamentals and technologies. Their work is to implement new fundamentals and business and run the business accordingly.

What will you learn after completing the course?

After getting certified from the Blockchain Council in Bitcoin Expert™, you will become a master in the body concepts of Bitcoin that are accessible in today’s trading.

Where can you get placed after this certification?

This credential course is beneficial for Investment Bankers, Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts, Business Development, Consultant and Advisers, Programmers and Developers, etc. You can become a Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Consultant, and also a Bitcoin Miner after completion of this course by the Blockchain Council.

  1. Certified NFT Expert

Program Duration- 9 Hours.

Who is an NFT Expert?

An NFT Expert is a wizard in all kinds of facets of Non-Fungible Assets that are required in today’s Blockchain environment. An NFT Expert is a master in using NFT in different kinds of cases. An NFT Expert plays a crucial role in expanding Decentralized Blockchain technology with Non-Fungible aids.

What will you learn after completing the course?

After completing this certification course, you will grasp the main theories of Ethereum Blockchain with Non-Fungible Assets that are accessible in almost all kinds of Blockchain industries.

Where can you get placed after this certification?

An NFT Expert has a lot of roles to play. This certification can help you as a Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Consultant, Blockchain Project Manager,

Blockchain Architect, Ethereum Expert. You can get a job as A Blockchain Developer, An Ethereum Developer, A Blockchain Project Manager, A Smart Contract Developer, A Blockchain Consultant, A Blockchain Architect, An Ethereum Expert.

Well, there are several other fields where this certification works include Digital Art, Virtual World, Ethereum Name Service, and Domains, Licenses and Certifications, Decentralized Finance, Marketplaces, Collectibles, sports, fashions, and gaming.

Hence, these were the few courses from more than 40 courses empowered by Blockchain Council. You can notice how useful these courses are in various fields. You can opt for any of the courses according to your need and choice.

Pricing Structure of Courses provided by Blockchain Council.

There are two types by which you can enroll in the blockchain certification program. If you are willing and capable to enroll in all the courses provided by Blockchain Council then you can enroll in it only at $349.

Ok, there is another beneficial deal too. You will get access to all the courses at just $399 with extra benefits. You might be thinking why pay a higher price when all courses are available at $349. We are mentioning the benefits so that you can choose what to take. The benefits of access to the courses at $399 include speaking opportunities, 15 certification training licenses, more kinds of discounts, a complete logo on the certificate, and much more. So, you can opt according to your needs and choice.

Fine, if you don’t want to get enrolled in all the courses or if you can’t afford it then you can enroll individually. Each course is available at roughly $125 to $250 depending upon the course in which you have enrolled.

Advanced Features of courses by Blockchain Council.

There are several advanced features you will be introduced to after enrolling in courses of Blockchain Council.

First of all, you will get lifetime access to the courses in which you have enrolled. This will help you to learn and revise according to your schedule. And you can revise the concepts whenever you want to do so.

Secondly, you will get to attend all the valuable events and webinars for free. Blockchain usually conducts several types of events and webinars on sensational topics. These webinars are truly valuable for the person in the blockchain field.

Blockchain council is available 24/7 to answer all your queries. You will be answered anytime once you enroll.

Additional Advantages of getting enrolled in Blockchain Council.

The additional advantages of getting enrolled in Blockchain Council includes:

  • The pricing structure is not too high according to the course’s features and the course that is designed by top Blockchain Industry leaders.
  • Not only from the device, but Blockchain has also made its courses accessible from a mobile app. You can get access to courses and learn anytime that saves you ample time.
  • Do you know that individuals from multinational companies enroll in Blockchain courses? Individuals from top companies such as Cognizant, Pepsi, blocks, Accenture, Indian oil, NIIT, CGI, SAP, KPMG, Tata, EY, Microsoft, Rakuten, Hero, IBM, TCS, etc. are the alumni that reached the Blockchain Council. It is one of the leading industries, hence enrolling in its certifications is truly worth it.



Hence, this was all about the Blockchain Council. We discussed that you should get certified by the Blockchain Council. Moving on, then we discussed the opportunities and salary criteria after the jobs we get after certification.

Now, you’ve understood about the courses empowered by the Blockchain Council and how the pricing structure for both individuals or whole access works.

You’ve received every info about the features and then the advantages of getting enrolled. Consequently, there are more than many advantages of getting enrolled in the courses empowered by the Blockchain Council. Hence, this was all about the Blockchain Council.

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