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A Simple Tool for Better Decision making
A Simple Tool for Better Decision making

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A Simple Tool for Better Decision making!

A Decision tree is one of the most important knowledge management tools that simplify complicated processes in the work environment. It provides diversified solutions to various challenges that crop up and makes query resolution delivery easy. Decision trees empower an organization to resolve customer queries quickly and seamlessly. They help an organization to meet up the customer’s expectations. A  Decision Trees Creator helps the organization to analyze various strategies for further course of action.

What is a Decision Tree creator?

A Decision tree is a guided workflow that shows diversified information in a simple step-by-step flowchart that is easy to understand. It clearly illustrates how each decision leads to specific outcomes for the organization. This is particularly helpful for contact center employees who are expected to solve various queries within seconds. As the decision tree is generally represented in the form of a chart, it is easy to follow and the agent can resolve the queries of the users within no time.

The decision tree begins with a question that is followed by tracks of yes and no that are followed based on the customer’s responses. It is based on straightforward logical reasoning that makes even complicated tasks simple. It is believed to be a robust tool that is used to strengthen the daily work of the organization. All the vital organizational data is fed in the decision tree software so that it generates the best possible outcomes that help managers in making important decisions.

Why do we need powerful decision tree software?

A decision tree is nothing new; we all have knowingly or unknowingly been using a decision tree to make decisions in our daily lives. For example, if you want to go for a vacation abroad, you can’t simply get up and go. You introspect and plan the logistics like the expenses of the trip, the documentation and visa, hotel and flight bookings and travel itinerary, etc. You create a decision tree in your mind.

Likewise, big organizations with an exhaustive workflow and multiple processes going on simultaneously, need a powerful decision tree to help employees make the right decision at the right time.

What does a Decision tree structure include?

A decision tree is created to make the workflow simple and understandable. It includes the following:

  • The first thing, to begin with, is listing the problem statement that needs to be resolved.
  • The decision tree shows all possible reasons for the occurrence of such issues.
  • The user is then asked to choose one of the reasons listed.
  • The software further details steps to be taken under each option.
  • The software also contains any long articles that may be needed for reference.
  • It has nodes to interlink answers if needed.
  • An easy drag and drop option is given so that any kind of overwriting of text can be prevented.
  • The decision tree structure has multiple applications for both external and internal communication.
  • It has a variety of templates and formats that can be customized as per your requirement.
  • It helps in the representation of quantitative and qualitative data for various uses.

Let us look at some of the advantages of having a decision tree.

  • Transparent and Intuitive – The decision tree exhibits information that is simple to understand and based on the facts and data stored in the software. The diagram or the graph lays out the options and their consequences thus making the task easier. Complex issues can be resolved within minutes as the decision tree classifies data without requiring any major computation.
  • Easy to Understand and Implement – Decision trees collate all the information and present it in a logical and simple format. The agents and other employees can easily be brought on board so that they can work on the software seamlessly.
  • Self-service platform – Interactive decision tree tools help the customers in finding solutions to their queries conveniently. The software guides them through the whole process step-by-step so that they do not have any problems. The user can easily navigate through the process. A knowledge management software integrated with decision trees disseminates information simply and conveniently to one and all.
  • Robust Knowledge provider – A decision tree software comprises the logical ‘if and else’ structure of statement that makes it good for use in visually backed simulations and computer decision tools. Besides being a means of understanding knowledge, it becomes a repository for preserving information too.
  • Simple User Interface – A powerful decision tree tool has a user-friendly interface that has streamlined information that is visually appealing and understandable as well. The data is represented in a graphical form where progressive steps are visible as you work your way through the process.
  • Provides analytics in actual time – The decision tree software shows you the query or the keyword being searched in real-time. It also shows the number of times it has been accessed in a certain period. All these analytics help you take corrective measures wherever required. In case there is an issue, you can edit your decision tree as well.
  • Work across multiple channels – A decision tree can be utilized for various purposes across different channels, be it troubleshooting, training of employees, chatboxes, or self-service platforms. Decision trees are very helpful  internally to help employees or externally to handhold customers through the process. Instant resolution of queries is done by proper sorting of information.

Summing up –

A decision tree maker helps create a powerful tool in the form of a customized decision tree that is a handy tool for your internal as well as external needs. They reduce the average handling time as you can search the workflow by simply typing a keyword. The required information can be accessed within no time and queries can easily be resolved. It also boosts the agents’ confidence as they can handle the customer’s queries efficiently and solve all the issues quickly. Thus, a knowledge management tool integrated with a decision tree can help an organization to improve its operations and achieve its targets.

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