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A Simple Guide on How to Keep Your Pool Clean
A Simple Guide on How to Keep Your Pool Clean

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A Simple Guide on How to Keep Your Pool Clean

Did you know that it costs an average of $100 to $350 to maintain a pool for the season?

Cleaning services and chemicals are the main factors to these costs, but there are ways to save some money.

By keeping your pool clean, you can spend less on cleaning and more time splashing around.

Continue reading to discover the most important steps to keep your pool clean throughout the season!

Monitor Chemical Levels

The most important thing to do to keep your pool clean is to monitor the levels of the chemicals.

An offset in the chemical balance of a pool can lead to algae build-up and grime. Many people notice that chemical levels are off when they start seeing the water become foggy. If you notice this, put the proper chemical in the pool to balance everything out and test the water before jumping in.

Do your best to test the water, even when it is clear regularly. Staying on top of this information will prevent serious problems from arising.

Ensure Everything Is Sealed

If you want a clean pool, you will want to ensure that every area of the pool is sealed.

By getting a swimming pool tile sealer, you can ensure that nothing is coming into your pool from the ground. When holes are torn in the vinyl or damaged areas are leaking, you can lose water and increase the chances of more messes. Check for cracks and tears around ladders, drains, and filters.

Check Your Filter

The best pool skimming device that you have is your built-in filter.

A pool filter’s purpose is to clean the pool by catching things like bugs, leaves, and more. If your filter is clogged or not working properly, it can have a profound impact on the cleanliness of your pool. Instead of items floating on the tops going to the filter, they will mix around in the pool.

If your filter is getting old, do your best to replace it quickly.

Skim & Vacuum Regularly

Skimming and pool vacuuming are essential if you want to have a spotless pool.

If you start noticing things floating on the top of your pool, grab the skimmer and start getting some of it out. The filter is unable to keep up when storms happen, and leaves fly into the pool.

You should also vacuum the pool every couple of days unless it stays cleaner longer. Vacuuming will pick up all of the debris that has floated to the bottom, along with sand and dirt.

Keep Your Pool Clean This Season

Not keeping up on pool maintenance can lead to expensive bills for chemicals and cleaning services.

By utilizing this guide, you can keep your pool clean throughout the summer. This will cut back on your costs and provide you with more time to enjoy the sunshine.

If you notice the water getting foggy or green, stay out and get the water tested.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about pool cleaning and enjoying your yard!

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