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A Quick Guide: Security Features You Can Use on Your PDF Files With PDFBear

Online documents are one of the most tricky things to handle. When handling online documents, you will be facing different types of advantages and disadvantages. All of the benefits of an online document should be in your priorities to take. For the disadvantages and drawbacks that an online document offers, you can rely on a third-party online tool to solve those problems.


A third party online tool like PDFBear ranks among the most recommended platforms you can use for your online documents. In this article, we will be talking about how to maximize every feature of their platform.

What is PDFBear?

PDFBear is the epitome of a reliable third party online tool that will help you handle your online documents. It ranks among the best online tools you can rely on for the problems or difficulties you might encounter in the future. Hence, the importance of knowing details on how their platform works and the online tool you can use in their platform for your advantage.


Some of the most utilized online tools from their platform are Word to PDF and PDF to Word, as those two types of document format are always intertwined. You can also enjoy the benefit of using other online tools such as Merge PDF, Split PDF, Delete PDF Pages, Protect PDF, Unlock PDF, Compress PDF, Repair PDF, and so on.


PDFBear is composed of online tools that can solve the problems with your online documents. The online tools that we have mentioned above are just a glimpse of the long list of online tools you can use on their website. All of the online tools that you can use on their website can be easily used even for beginners or specific individuals that do not have any technical knowledge.


A reason for that is because PDFBear is built to help everyone that needs to configure their online documents. Each of the online tools displayed on their homepage has specific instructions on how you can use them, which can be viewed when you click on them. Here is an example of the online tool “Protect PDF” to give you an idea of how their online tools work.

Protect Your PDFs

Protect PDF is one of the most useful online tools from the website of PDFBear. This online tool will help you put a password to your PDF files to keep them more secure and keep every information and content from your PDF file confidential.


To start using the online tool “Protect PDF,” you need to click on the box image that has a Protect PDF title with a logo of a padlock that is locked. After you click on it, you will be moved to a different web page to start using the online tool Protect PDF. A detailed explanation of how the online tool works will be available for you. Here is an example.


  • Upload the PDF file that you want to convert into having an encrypted password.
  • Type in the password that you want to put into your PDF file.
  • If everything is in line with your expectations, click “Encrypt PDF File.”
  • Download the new encrypted PDF file to your device.


Keep in mind that you will need to remember the password that you have put into your PDF file for future access to your documents. If you want to remove the encrypted password in your PDF file, this next tool will help you.

Unlock Password-Locked PDF Files

Unlock PDF is the go-to online tool in the platform of PDFBear if you want to remove the password from your PDF files. Keep in mind that you can only remove a password in your PDF file if you know the documents’ current password. It is impossible to remove the password if you do not know the current password.


This course of action is only done if you want to remove them to have a convenient experience when accessing them, accessing multiple PDF files that have a password might not be an effort-wise decision and might take you a considerable amount of time. Hence, removing them can be a convenient option for you.


  • Upload Your File
  • Enter The Password
  • Click On “Unlock PDF”
  • Download the decrypted PDF file into your device


Having to deal with an online document’s different features like PDF files can be a tricky business. It is unavoidable to have drawbacks in terms of the security of your information in your documents. Hence, having an option on securing them effectively and removing specific passwords can be a convenient thing to be knowledgeable about.

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