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Visual Positioning System
Visual Positioning System

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A new technology from Google – Visual Positioning system

A new technology from Google – Visual Positioning system

The Global Positioning System (GPS) has reached worldwide and every individual is using GPS in their daily routine. The Global Positioning System already integrates a majority of the tasks within our fingers. An advancement in Global Position System is considered as Visual Positioning System.

Visual Positioning System uses your gadget’s camera with the Google’s backend data to provide the exact information about where you are.

The main drawback in Global Positioning System is rectified here. The following example explains you better. When you are using a GPS to track the route especially when you are on a walk followed by the map’s navigation, you may experience a situation at some point where you should turn. You decide a route by walking a small distance and after that, you would see a map to cross check whether you are moving along with the navigation point. Sometimes you go in the direction opposite to maps direction and you will only know after walking few distances.

To avoid that confusion Visual Positioning system is introduced. It comes with a guide to show your path. The only thing is you should follow that guide. To avoid the confusion the guide would help a lot.

Like Global Positioning System, in order to use this technology, you should give permission to VPS access your gadget.

It was expected that Visual Positioning System will rule the world in upcoming years.

Just by opening your phone’s camera and keeping parallel to your face can provide you the shops and places in front of you. Some many apps will also upgrade to Visual Positioning System in future. Let’s wait and see.

To know more about the Visual Positioning System just follow the link and watch a video presentation provided by Google.

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