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outdoor stadium lights
outdoor stadium lights


A complete guide about outdoor stadium lights

Outdoor stadium lights are powerful floodlights that are used to illuminate large indoor and outdoor stadiums or arenas. They are commonly used for sports lighting, such as soccer stadium lighting, but can also be used for a number of other applications involving very large spaces. For outdoor use, they are designed to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme heat or cold, and rain or snow. Outdoor stadium lights are designed to meet the diverse lighting requirements of stadiums and arenas. Outdoor stadium lights can be used to illuminate fields, as well as illuminate spectator areas, parking areas and walkways. Choose from a variety of LED stadium floodlights ranging from 100 to 5000 watts and 15,000 to 750,000 lumens.

What type of light is best for stadium use?

Most sports stadiums and outdoor arenas use high intensity Led stadium lights.  LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology, so Led outdoor stadium lights offer a large number of benefits such as.

Energy efficient

LEDs usually consume very little power. The statistics to look out for when comparing the energy efficiency of different lighting solutions are referred to in one of two terms: light output or useful lumens. These two elements essentially describe the amount of light emitted per unit of power (watts) that the bulb consumes. An LED converts 80% of your electrical energy into light energy. So it really justifies what you pay for. This ultimately lowers your energy bills and thus saves both energy and money. For example, replacing an old lighting system with a new LED system in Iconic Miami Tower saved $ 259,767 annually in electricity, maintenance and operating costs.

Great Color Rendering Index

CRI is a measurement of the ability of light to determine the true color of objects compared to an ideal light source (natural light). A high CRI is usually a desirable characteristic (although of course it depends on the application required). When it comes to CRI, LEDs usually have very high (good) ratings.

Perhaps the best way to assess CRI is to look at a direct comparison between LED lighting (high CRI) and traditional lighting solution like sodium lamps (which usually have low CRI ratings and are almost monochromatic in some cases). See the following image to compare and contrast the two instances:

Dimming Capability

LEDs can operate at almost any percentage of their rated power (0 to 100%). It should be noted that dimming requires dedicated equipment for LED technology (which means you cannot use equipment for dimming an incandescent lamp or other traditional lighting technology). The good thing about LEDs operating below full power is that they become more efficient as the power is reduced. This also increases the overall life of the luminaire itself. Both of these advantages are absent in technologies such as metal halides, which in fact become less efficient at lower power levels and in many cases cannot be attenuated at all.

Outdoor stadium lights run cooler and can be safer

LED lights run much cooler than traditional halogen bulbs and may be less hazardous (consult a qualified electrician for local fire safety regulations). Halogen lamps are an inefficient way to heat a room. Using an LED will allow the heating or air conditioning system to work more efficiently As the lamps get colder, they minimize the deterioration of fixtures, lampshades, and decor that can occur with hot lamps, so your lighting fixtures last longer.

Versatile and compact

LEDs can be adapted to any type of lighting as they are available in different colors and small sizes. It emits light of the specified color and operates smoothly in the harshest conditions. One LED is enough for light indication, and its cluster is capable of illuminating the entire football stadium.

Design Flexibility

Because LEDs are so small, they can be used in just about any application you can think of. They can be bundled for a traditional light bulb, used in isolation as a small device, or stretched in a sequential linear fashion. Pretty much everything you can think of can be done with LEDs.

Cool and manageable

LED lights are much cooler and brighter than conventional light sources. They can also be very easily darkened according to the required intensity.

Long service life

LEDs do not suddenly fail and have a relatively long lifespan. This reduces maintenance costs and reduces the headache of periodic replacement.

Focused and impact resistant

With LEDs, you don’t have to depend on the shape of the reflector to get focused light. They are already packaged to emit focused light. This is a useful feature for lighting, just like in a jewelry store. And, being a solid-state device, they are difficult to damage by impact.

These advantages show that LEDs are in all respects the best choice for both indication and lighting. However, since each new technology has its own challenges, they are not overlooked with LEDs either. The only drawback of the LED installation at the moment is the high initial cost. If you have the guts to spend $ 1,000 on a few LED bulbs, then LED lighting is a 100% profitable option. Plus, low quality LED bulbs will fade faster than brand new ones, so always look for high quality Energy Star rated LED bulbs.

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