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A Beginners Guide to Filing an Insurance Claim
A Beginners Guide to Filing an Insurance Claim


A Beginner’s Guide to Filing an Insurance Claim

Life happens. A big storm destroys your roof. A teenager texting their BFF runs into your car.

This is why you have insurance. When disaster hits, do you know how to file an insurance claim? These are stressful times, but filing an insurance claim helps you get your life back on track.

Keep reading to learn what to do when you have either a home or auto insurance claim.

When to File a Claim

The general rule is to file a claim if the damages are more than your deductible. Even if the damage is a few hundred dollars above your deductible, it probably isn’t worth filing.

You need to remember your insurance company may raise your rates depending on the circumstances. This is why it’s important to have an emergency fund.

Here are some scenarios where you should file a claim:

  • Someone is injured
  • You can’t afford to pay damages
  • Not sure who is at fault in a car accident
  • You are at fault for a car accident

You see the news stories about accidents. Every situation is different, so you may want to address it with your insurance agent before filing a claim especially for property damage.

How to Start Filing an Insurance Claim

When you are ready to file a claim, it’s important to get all your information ready. For car accidents, first, you need to file a police report at the scene. Make sure you get medical attention immediately if needed—no need to worry about the details until everyone is safe.

Document Everything 

For a car insurance claim, you need to get the contact information of all other parties. Gather witness information, and take photos of the accidents. You also should get the insurance policy information from the other driver.

Take any notes about the accident because it may be easy to forget as time moves on. Keep all your information together about the accident and keep all medical receipts and bills.

For home insurance claims, take pictures of the property. Make a list of everything that is damaged, and if you can’t live in your home, keep your hotel receipts.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Even if the car accident is not your fault, you need to contact your insurance company. They will handle working with the other insurance company.

You should file a claim as quickly as possible. You can either call your insurance agent or contact your insurance company directly. They both work for you. Or if you are based in long beach. You can consult the best long beach car accident lawyer for service.

You will need to give them all the basic details about the accident or property claim. You may need to fill out a Proof of Loss statement for a property claim.

You may call the insurance company or agent, and some companies allow you to file online or through their mobile app.

After the Claim

Now that you filed your claim and contacted your insurance company, you will have forms to fill out. The insurance adjuster starts looking at your claim and all the details.

They will investigate what happened and will help you navigate the claim process. The adjuster determines how much money the insurance company will pay. This is why you need to keep track of all expenses to help get your money back.

Get Your Life Back

Nobody likes dealing with an accident. Filing an insurance claim does not have to be scary. It’s important to stay as organized as possible and work with your insurance adjuster to get the needed information—after all, insurance coverage is to protect you.

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