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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an App Developers
8 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an App Developers

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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an App Developers

Nowadays, mobile has become an essential part of everyone’s life. For every kind of work now there is a dedicated mobile application. It all depends on the UI of the app and its functionality that how friendly are they with the end-users. This only decided the success and failure of the apps in this emerging competitive age.

Thus, it is very important to have a very creative as well as extremely informative app and that too in a very structured way. The consumers are the everyday users of the mobile application, so they very well understand their requirement and if any of the apps do not fulfill it then they do not take much time to switch to another app. Thus, one should always hire Mobile App Development Company in San Francisco to get the best of the application.

An application developer is a person who is aware of all the latest technologies and trends and they are the one who develops and maintain the software for the owner. They are that nerdy and geeky person who is well versed with the technical know-how.

Making selection of the application developing company is one of the toughest and challenging tasks as it becomes very difficult for the owners to select one and apt for their company. Some of the common mistakes made while hiring an application developer are listed below and it should be avoided to get the best one.

Common mistakes which one should escape while hiring an App developer:

1) Limiting your search to any specific area

-It is one of the common mistakes which one commits by searching for the developers in their vicinity only, they do not want to move out in terms of their search and restrict themselves to a particular area.

-This limits their options only till the local developers and have to compromise upon the quality because they cannot reach the best developers by creating the boundaries for themselves.

-One is looking for a mobile app that is user-friendly so the owner should not limit their search only to a particular area, city, state, or country. Today when everything is possible on technology then why restrict yourself in a small shell.

-Outsourcing your services is nowadays very common, economic and one of the best options to get the best developer.

2) Not verifying the credentials properly

-The business owners sometimes hire the app developers without verifying their credentials properly which lands them in the trouble. Thus, the right set of question should be asked from the developers like:

  1. a) How many apps have you developed to date? Please share the list of the same
  2. b) How many years of experience do you have?

c ) Do you also provide the maintenance and support service once the app is developed?

  1. d) What are the customers you worked for?
  2. e) Do you also have some clients from overseas?
  3. f) How much time tentatively you take to complete the project?
  4. g) How regularly do you update on the progress of the project?

-Check for the customer’s reviews, google reviews, and reviews available on social media, etc. to get a real understanding of their work.

-Be it a tedious job to check for the customer’s credentials but it is one of the crucial steps.

3) Giving weightage to price over skills.

-The startup business does not have a defined budget and they try to save the cost on every ground. Similarly, when they look to hire on-site developers, they go for cheaper and affordable options by ignoring the quality of work they do.

-To be economic, they hire the wrong developer who is not efficient or knowledgeable.

-Although cost is one of the major factors, one should never give weightage to price over the skills and experience as hiring the wrong web developer can be one of the poor decisions to make especially when you a startup

4) Esteeming the experience over the expertise.

-People do look for experience in the same field and presumes that the one with a greater number of experiences in the same field can develop the best app.

-But it does not work this way and the developer who is expertise in a certain field might be able to create a customized app rather than the one who is having several experiences but in a different field.

5) Believing in fake commitments.

-There are developers who to get the project they start making fake commitments and promises like we can create a world-class mobile application and that too in very little time.

-Developing a mobile app is a complex process and it requires a team of designer, tester, developer, and the client to come on the same platform and have mirror understanding about the project. So, do not go for these false and fake traps just because you want the project to be delivered at the earliest.

-The speedy project always comes with the limitation so if you are looking for a detailed and quality work then you need to make a very wise decision by choosing the one who fits in all your requirement parameters, have good record of previous work, very positive reviews of the clients and other factors.


6) Owning the source code is necessary.

-It is one of the important clauses which usually misses in the business contracts which becomes problematic for them in case they decide to switch the agency for some issue which they are facing with the current agency.

-It will also be helpful if the owner is going to handle the ongoing maintenance of the mobile app. Thus, it is a must to own the source code by the owner at any cost.

7) Always consider the complete product life cycle.

-When you are hiring the developer to develop a mobile application for your company then you should always check for the complete product life cycle which includes delivering the project and then the post submission service.

-Developing a mobile application is a continuous process and not just one-time work. It means the app needs to upgrade from time to time, fixing the bugs and errors timely to ensure the smooth functioning of the mobile application.

-Thus, one needs to consider every aspect while hiring a mobile app developer.

8) Check the ability to deal with complex issues.

-A good developer should possess technical knowledge, have a good understanding of complex issues, and the ability to convey the same in an easy language to the non-technical owner. This will bring both, the developer, and the owner on the same platform to discuss and sort the issues and complexity.

-If he is well equipped with the information of required tools and techniques and is good at communication then work will be done in a much smoother and efficient way.


The above points highlight a few of the mistakes which should be avoided while hiring the app developer or app developing agency. But the business owners should be aware of the other aspects as well. If one takes care of the above points, then they can hire the best of developer and that too in a very professional manner.

If one is looking to be leading in this age of competition, then they should very wisely make this decision as this decision can help to flourish your business in a better way. Hire iPhone App Developers India and they can give the best suggestion while developing the mobile applications.

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