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8 Easy Steps to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal at Home
8 Easy Steps to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal at Home

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8 Easy Steps to Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal at Home

For millions of people around the world, the internet is a source of sharing data and information. With the help of this technology, over wireless or wired connections, people can also watch movies, TV shows, and news channels, etc. Therefore, it is quite important to have a smooth, uninterrupted supply of internet. That is also why several ISPs are competing to get more subscribers by offering the service at great prices. For me, economical packages work well and my experience with Spectrum internet prices has been quite good.

For people who use the internet over wired connections, the data losses are significantly low and the transmission is relatively smoother compared to wireless connections. Wireless connections, more commonly known as Wi-Fi, may experience more data losses, network delays, and more instances of downtime. You can boost your Wi-Fi signal at home by considering the following tips.

Check Your Router’s Settings

You may be able to fix the bad Wi-Fi signal problem by adjusting the network settings on your computer or smartphone. Simply head to the network settings option. There, you will see a list of available wireless networks. Now, these networks may be interfering with the signals of your Wi-Fi device. If there are any other Wi-Fi routers from previous ISPs at your home that you do not use, then it is best to end their subscription.

On the other hand, to reduce and eliminate the interference from the other networks in your locality, you need to download a Wi-Fi analyzer tool from the Windows App Store or Google’s Play Store. This tool will enable you to change the channel on which the network signals are present to reduce or limit the interference from other wireless signals. Some routers come with a built-in touchscreen to change the channels.

Place the Wi-Fi Device in the Center of Your Residence

Even though the range of Wi-Fi signals is quite good, it is wise to install the device at a central point of the house. This will allow for an equal distribution of the wireless waves. Therefore, you will be able to connect all your devices to the internet. If you are looking forward to building a smart home, then this is quite essential. The best part about Wi-Fi is that you won’t need to install extra cable wires to connect each and every device to the internet.

Place the Wi-Fi Device Outside of the Box

Wireless routers aren’t put on display and the reason is understandable. They aren’t exactly decoration pieces. However, if you keep them clean and place them somewhere, they aren’t easily visible but at least out of the box, the signal transmission will be better. Mechanical objects can interfere with the signals.

Keep Internet Devices Away from Electronics

Take care of placing your router away from electrical equipment and electrical devices. Their signals can interfere with the Wi-Fi signals and affect the quality of your connection. Make sure to keep your device away from ovens, TVs, computers, and printers, etc.

Change the Router Antenna Direction

Well, if you’re using an antenna to catch the Wi-Fi signals on your Wi-Fi-enabled device, then make sure to use a quality antenna. Furthermore, take care in positioning the direction of the antenna. The router’s antenna is usually vertical. While the antenna you use to catch the wireless signals is horizontal.

Check the Signal Strength in Your Home

If none of the above options work, then make sure to check the signal strength in your home. You can do this by downloading such an app from the app store of your operating system. The app will show you a heat map of where the Wi-Fi signals are the strongest. Make sure to reposition your devices accordingly.

Use an Antenna for Better Transmission

Chances are your router comes with an antenna by default. However, it may not be as powerful as the one you can easily buy from the market. Make sure to buy an antenna that can amplify your router signals properly for better transmission of the internet.

Choose the Right Device to Boost Your Wi-Fi

Once you have applied all the above fixes, your Wi-Fi should work without a problem. However, if the problem persists then you may need to change the router or upgrade your existing Wi-Fi-enabled devices due to their obsolete technology. Once you make the necessary changes, you may never have Wi-Fi signal issues at home.

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