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Benefits Of Circumcision
Benefits Of Circumcision

Health Care

8 Benefits Of Circumcision

Circumcision is the removal of the prepuce or foreskin from the penis that reveals the head of the penis. It is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in males for both medical and aesthetic purposes.

Although it is now an established fact that the benefits of circumcision overshadow its cons, many people are still not completely aware.

So, here are the 8 benefits of circumcision treatment that every male should know about:

  1. Permanently treats foreskin-related problems – Circumcision is the surgical procedure for the prevention and permanent treatment of foreskin-related medical conditions. These include problems like phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, posthitis, etc. These problems can be congenital or pathological (due to the accumulation of bacteria and yeast under the foreskin). The removal of the foreskin, in these cases, permanently resolves the symptoms of these penile problems.
  2. Reduces the frequency of urinary tract infections – In uncircumcised males, microbes can easily thrive in the dark and moist region under the foreskin. These microbes can then attack and lead to recurrent and frequent infections in the urinary tract. Circumcision reduces the risk of frequent urinary tract infections as it becomes difficult for the microbes to thrive in the penile region.
  3. Easier to maintain penile hygiene – Maintaining proper hygiene of the penile area can be relatively much more complex for uncircumcised males, especially if the male has a tight foreskin. After getting circumcised, penile hygiene becomes a lot easier.All you need to do is wash the penis with soap while bathing and you are good to go.
  4. Less prone to sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) – The mucosal lining of the foreskin can act as an entry point for the microbes. After circumcision, these entry points are reduced and the risk of STIs like syphilis, HIV, herpes, etc. decreases. According to research, circumcised men are at a 25% lower risk of contracting genital herpes.
  5. Lowered risk for penile cancer – Foreskin removal reduces the risk of penile cancer significantly. Although the relationship is not completely known, it is theorized that smegma build-up in uncircumcised males can contribute to the development of penile carcinoma. According to studies, infant circumcision can potentially reduce the risk of penile cancer by as much as 50 percent.
  6. Decreased risk of cervical cancer in the female partner – HPV, a sexually transmitted infection is the most common risk factor for cervical cancer in women. Studies reveal that circumcised men are at a 5-time lower risk of contracting (and therefore transmitting) HPV. Consequently, women, who have circumcised partners are at a lower risk of cervical cancer than women with uncircumcised partners.
  7. Relief from ejaculation disorders – Some men notice that circumcision prolongs the time before ejaculation is achieved. This can resolve the problem of premature ejaculation, in such cases.
  8. Improved sex life- Men dealing with phimosis usually face a number of discomforts during sexual intercourse. After phimosis, the removal of the foreskin may improve the sex life of the male. Sexual intercourse will be less painful. Also, since the glans penis, would be revealed, the sexual pleasure would get enhanced.

Now that you know the health benefits of circumcision, you can make a better decision regarding the procedure. So, if you have been thinking of undergoing circumcision as a preventive/curative measure for any penile problem or any personal reason, be certain that it is safe. The catch is to choose the right circumcision technique and a skilled experienced surgeon.

Which circumcision technique should you choose?

Earlier, the procedure of circumcision used to be quite complex and used to be a detrimental factor for the patients who needed to undergo the procedure. Fortunately, advances in surgical technologies have brought simplified high-precision procedures into existence. Stapler and laser circumcision are the two advanced techniques that most surgeons prefer these days. These are minimal to non-invasive techniques of foreskin removal that have numerous benefits over the standard open procedure.

Benefits of modern circumcision techniques over traditional open surgery

  • Lesser invasive method of foreskin removal
  • Quick painless procedure that completes in less than 30 minutes
  • The patient can head back home on the same day
  • There are no major penile incisions, wounds, or stitches involved
  • The individual can resume office from the next day
  • The recovery period is short and smooth (5-7 days only)
  • Nil risk for penile injury, damage and disfigurement
  • Negligible chances of postoperative complications like bleeding and penile infections

You can contact one of the nearest clinics to know more about advanced stapler and laser circumcision. Clinics or hospitals that house experienced and trained urologists and circumcision doctors. Their surgeons have performed hundreds of urological procedures in a risk-free manner and thus carry a remarkable track record.

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Take Away

Whether or not you want to undergo circumcision, is a personal choice. However, if you are facing the symptoms of any foreskin problem, better not to delay proper treatment. With the latest techniques and equipment, the procedure of circumcision has become completely safe.

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