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7 Ways to Improve Your Monitor Setup
7 Ways to Improve Your Monitor Setup

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7 Ways to Improve Your Monitor Setup

So you’ve bought a new computer and are ready to set everything up. You’ve got everything hooked up but something seems off. Your monitor looks out of place. Luckily, there are ways for you to balance everything out. Whether it’s a 6 monitor setup or a regular single monitor setup, this link will have all the necessary tools.

There are many ways you can improve your overall setup and customize it. Not only does this increase efficiency but a clean setup improves workflow. A messy workplace can interfere with your day-to-day activities as well as your creativity.

You’d be surprised how your monitor affects the entire aesthetic of your desk. In fact, it is the centerpiece of your entire workspace. Anything that you do will ultimately be displayed on your screen. Whether it’s a single monitor or a 6 monitor setup there are ways you can improve overall performance and aesthetic.

1.   Consider the Space Around You

Before you even go into your pc to calibrate some settings, look at the space around you. Much like how you would look at the floor space before you buy furniture, do the same for your monitor. Will a 27-inch monitor fit on your desk? Do you have any plans of increasing monitors in the future?

You must take all this into account to avoid any problems down the line. Place the system unit somewhere where the hot air of the pc will not reach your monitor. Many enthusiasts and gamers have made the mistake of placing the system unit’s exhaust facing the monitor directly. This could do serious damage to the screen.

Wall mounts are a great choice for people with small desk spaces. It also helps give purpose to the blank space behind a workspace. You can even pair it with decorations that complement the look of your setup.

2.   Adjust the Distance

Perhaps the most underrated item on this list is the distance of your monitor from your eyes. Create too much distance and you’ll end up squinting all the time.  Too little and you may damage your eyes. Try to find the perfect distance for you,

Experts suggest that your monitor should be more or less an arm’s length away from your face. This way, you avoid any damage to your eyes. Obviously, it changes if you have a 6 monitor setup and want to stretch out the image across multiple monitors.

3.   Understand the Capabilities of Your Monitor

Understand the Capabilities of Your Monitor

All monitors have specifications that show a potential buyer what it is capable of. This helps give a user an idea of what he/she can use the monitor for. If a user wants to use a monitor for gaming there are specs that are perfect for pc games.

The resolution is also a big factor in terms of display. The resolution is the number of pixels in the image. It’s often calculated using height and width. The bigger the number, the better the resolution and the overall quality. So a higher resolution may need a monitor that can support it.

Furthermore, not all monitors display the same. Just like other electronics out there, there’s often a difference in quality. If you are going for a 6 monitor setup, you should get monitors from a single supplier. That ensures that there is consistency in the display.

4.   Configure Your Monitor

Another way you can improve your setup is by configuring and customizing the settings to suit you and your needs. Brand new electronics will typically have default settings fresh out of the box. But if you’re not comfortable with this, feel free to change it.

Just like a television, monitors will have a way for you to change colors, brightness, contrast, and a lot more. Play around the settings until you find one that suits you. The general rule is as long as it’s not too bright, then you should be safe from eye strain.

A 6 monitor setup however will be tricky, as you have to configure it one by one. And with that many monitors, a difference with just one monitor will definitely stand out.

5.   Maximize Your Refresh Rates

Back in the day nobody really cared about refresh rates. People believed that a higher refresh rate doesn’t make any sense. They believed that the human eye could only see frames up to a certain point and that anything higher is useless.

But today, refresh rates play a big role in the overall experience, especially in gaming. If your pc is capable of running games at a high fps, you should also have a monitor that can keep up. A higher refresh rate means there is a smaller chance of screen tearing.

6.   Have Fun With Your Backgrounds

Have Fun With Your Backgrounds

Another way to improve your monitor setup is by adding your own unique background. Whether it’s a single monitor or stretched across multiple monitors, it will make a difference. If you’re a gamer you might want to consider adding a gaming background.

However, if you’re in a professional setting there are tons of backgrounds out there that are unique and professional at the same time. Just remember that if you are stretching your background across monitors the image may be distorted. This happens if you’re not using the same resolution and size for monitors.

7.   Multiple Monitor Setup

Lastly, if you really want to improve your setup then opt for multiple monitors. That allows for heavy multitasking. But that also means you need to have powerful hardware to perform certain tasks. Otherwise, you might end up having more problems than benefits.

A typical 6 monitor setup will require a pc that can handle 6 displays. You will also need a processor that is capable of multitasking so you get the most out of your setup. Additionally, you should also get an SSD for your operating system for a smooth experience.

Parting Words

Once you get a pc that can handle all this, get ready for an upgraded display experience. Work more or play more. Whatever you choose to do with your brand new setup, you can now do it with style.

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