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7 Magical Places Across The US to Read Your Vows with The Love of Your Life
7 Magical Places Across The US to Read Your Vows with The Love of Your Life

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7 Magical Places Across The US to Read Your Vows with The Love of Your Life

Spring calls for a lot of things – birds chirping, beaches filling up and of course, the flowers blooming. One thing that can make your spring magical is to have a spring wedding. America is a diverse state with so many seasons and weather conditions. Luckily, if you live here, making your dream of having a perfect spring wedding can actually come true.

Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue 

Finding a place that meets your requirements as well as your partner’s can be hard. Some of us like a fairy tale wedding while others, opt for a more private setting with a few guests. Some will also prefer for a minimalist wedding depicting a clean look vibe by using plain white linens and white white chair covers for weddings. Fortunately, in this article, we will discuss the coolest wedding venues in the US.

Buckle tight because this will be a journey through places before you find the one that matches your requirements.

Orange Beach, Alabama 

Oh, the beautiful land of beaches. Alabama is one of the best. Alabama tops our list as the top places to get married at. The Gulf of Mexico overlooks the venue as you say yes to the love of your life. Orange Beach, Fort Morgan and Gulf shores share the lands of Alabama. You can have a private venue for your wedding or have your dream wedding by the beach. Book a wedding planner to make a small chunk of beach beautiful for you, hire a catering service so that your guests can enjoy delicious oysters. Say I do with the perfect view and start your honeymoon right away!

Haiku Mill, Hawaii

A destination wedding in Hawaii is what many people dream of. However, many people do not like sand getting in the way as they take their vows. Check out Haiku Mill if you are one of these people. A historic sugar plant that gives out old-school, rustic vibes is one of the most charming wedding destinations of America. The wedding venue consists of different hand-picked jewels and a floral décor with jasmine flowers. Get married on this elegant island and let your guests enjoy the romance surrounded by the atmosphere.

Treehouse Point, Washington 

When we think about treehouses, the first thoughts that come to our mind are a child’s fort of solitude or a playhouse – in the ’70s and 80’s. Treehouses have been outdated for quite a while now but this one won’t fail your plans to have a magical wedding. Located in the arm of Seattle, the Treehouse Point is a natural spot that captivates the beauty of Washington in one location. Guests can also stay overnight. If a surreal yet magical wedding is your choice, head out to the Treehouse Point is your dream destination. Also, if you want to move to vacation citiesliving near this beauty would be a dream come true.

Turner Vineyard Estate, California 

California, or otherwise known as The Golden State offers you amazing destinations to get married to the love of your life. The Turner Vineyard Estate is located at the Santa Rita Hills appellation. The entire place is a 21-acre estate that allows a wedding party to have the time of their life.

The lawns are well-maintained and the natural outdoor environment is filled with rustic oak trees. With the natural charm come the facilities. The estate has 5 luxury bedrooms for stay, a kitchen loaded with appliances, a pool to have a nice party before the wedding. The couple can even enjoy their pre-wedding rituals at a spa. Enjoy a highly-facilitated spring wedding at the Turner Vineyard as the entire estate is booming with greenery and plants. You can even begin your honeymoon from this luxurious estate by staying a few days longer than your guests.

Vibiana, California 

Vibiana is a wedding spot located in the historic heart of LA. It is also the first Catholic Archdiocese Cathedral of LA. The owners have brilliantly turned it into a spectacular full-service event featuring high-end catering service and specialty dining. Vibiana is owned and run by Los Angeles restaurateurs, Amy Knoll, Chef Neal Fraser, and their partners. The stunning white hall ceremony room and with the Main Hall and Garden Courtyard, the flexibility of Vibiana is infinite, providing a stunning adjustable setting for your wedding. If you want a nice quiet private event with delicious food, this is your place.

Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado 

Oh for the love of goth! If you are unfamiliar with the Dunton Hot Springs, this is actually a restored ghost town. The scenery is beautiful and the entire town can be booked to celebrate your wedding festivities. Now that’s some wedding importance! Renting the town for your wedding will let you use all the facilities present. You can use the Saloon, the Dancehall, Bathhouse, Yoga House, and much more. Don’t hesitate to take your guests because they have 12 cabins for the people. And no-one could say no to this.

The Emerson, Texas 

Not many of us dream of getting married at a chapel but for those who do, The Emerson can be a magical getaway to read your vows in front of the people who love you. Getting married in a church is old school but we all dig the vibe. However, if you are looking for an old-school vibe with a modern touch, The Emerson can be the destination of your dreams. Just outside Dallas, you are looking at a traditional chapel with white furnishings and bold designs. Surrounded by greenery and decorated with a minimalistic approach, you are looking at a beauty designed by Leanne Ford. Also, it is one of the most charming places – can easily change your perspective on where you want to move to vacation cities.


Many people plan on having a charming fairy tale wedding and some of them might like a private event. We have discussed some of the best and most charming wedding sites located in America. It doesn’t matter where you have it, the main point is to say your vows to the person who loves you. The location just adds an extra charm to possibly the biggest day of your life.



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