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7 Beautiful Long Undercut Women Hairstyles
7 Beautiful Long Undercut Women Hairstyles


7 Glam Undercut Women Haircuts Ideas for Women

If you are looking to rock an entirely new look this year, you should consider long undercut women haircuts. Undercut hairstyles are not only bold but they are also excitingly approachable, stunning and effortlessly to maintain. And the bonus? Long undercut haircuts can be subtly mesmerising and can be worn in different looks, be it sophisticated or bohemian.

There are numerous justifications why you should pick undercut hairstyles. First, they are original and versatile. They can either be bold or polished. And if you want a refreshing and bold look, you can ask for a tattoo. You can also go some miles and incorporate spiral waves to get that unanticipated contrast between screen siren and vixen. See the following long undercut women haircuts for your inspiration.

  1. Rock Purple Undercut Women

This bold and glittering long undercut women haircut is the best choice for violet lovers across the world. The beautiful style is effortless to style. The neat crop bangs are matched with an undercut at the nape.

The long undercut hair hides the undercut when you need to do it by creating a subtle wave or holding and pinning the bangs at the back. When paired with costume jewellery, you get an impressive look sure to turn heads.

Rock Purple Undercut Women

  1. Beautiful Gothic Long Undercut

A sexy and ridiculously appealing haircut. This gorgeous undercut woman is clear starry skies. A shaved part is paired and contrasted with licentious and beautiful waves.

To achieve this look, bold and healthy hair is compulsory, whether dyed or natural.  The Raven color is elegant, yes, but they can be understated.  We advise that you hold your hair with pins to showcase your neat crop.

  1. Ash Brown Long Undercut.

Extended undercuts can be refined, muted, and youthful. This hairstyle proofs that. If you are after a versatile long undercut, cut the hair at the nape of the neck and near your ear. This gives you maximum concealment for some days when you need a more modern style.

When matched with a sleek and breezy ash brown hair hue, the style takes on a fresh and new plushness.

  1. Galactic Goddess

This long undercut is not for the faint-hearted. The vast collection of shades, vibrancy, and array of patterns will give you several head-turns. The napped is buzzed and that gives you an opportunity to try different customizable hair tattoos.

This subtle undercut is ideal for people who like to hold on to a counterculture beauty through the use of bold and whimsical touches.

Galactic Goddess

  1. Ice Lavender Mermaid Long Undercut Women

This is a fantastic collaboration between boldness and femininity! Pair your tattooed undercut with a polished mermaid braid and an icy lavender color. An understated braid enhances definition and a sharp contrast to the buzzed nape.

The shadowed base is an added advantage since it adds dimension. This long undercut haircut will rock your looks beautiful day and night, all seasons. All that you are perfect styling.

  1. A Contrast of Shapes

This undercut is straightforward and beautiful at first glance. Nevertheless, when you look at it intently, it bears a sophistication of dimension and shape. The first thing you will notice with this undercut is the triangular buzz. It is a subtle yet abstract silhouette. A neatly trimmed bang enhances layers of eclecticism, and the flowed wave brings unanticipated buoyancy.

In addition, the ash brown hair color added gives the lines in this style a fascinating look. It is an amazing style that no one can resist.

  1. Jet Black Glamour

This badass and appealing long undercut women’s haircut appears ridiculously complicated. Really? The undercut style gives you the freedom to wear the vibrant look without dedicating much of your time to styling. No attention to detail is needed whatsoever.

The key to this style is restricting your buzz cut to one side of your head at the crown. This simple trick gives you a surprise, but you can hide the buzz by strategically parting the hair or accessorizing it during the days when you feel low.

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