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7 Essentials For Concealed Carriers
7 Essentials For Concealed Carriers

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7 Essentials For Concealed Carriers

Legally, the practice of keeping a hidden weapon on your body is known as concealed carry. To possess a weapon in this manner, you typically need a certificate from the state where you’re currently located, and you must adhere to all relevant CCW laws and regulations.

There are several essentials that any concealed carrier must understand and become acquainted with. Apart from following gun safety rules and constantly keeping your certificate, here are some essentials to consider for your concealed carry:

  1. Holster

Although gun owners commonly spend considerable time studying different guns prior to buying one, they typically give little consideration to the holster in which they hold the weapon.

There are different kinds of holsters. The inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster is perhaps the most typical kind. These IWB holsters enable you to conceal your firearm while keeping it accessible in case you need it.

The best IWB holster must meet a number of criteria. The first requirement is that it should be made to fit the gun you’re holding. This guarantees that the gun doesn’t move in the holster.

The second thing to consider is that the holster doesn’t move or shift when it’s attached to your waist. Moving holsters could be very inconvenient.

The third requirement is concealment. Some concealed carriers like to bring bigger guns. The best holster should facilitate concealing the firearm, even those with larger calibers.

Lastly, the best holster should allow you to put the gun back in the holster without requiring you to undo your belt. Although it may be interesting to choose a visually appealing holster, keep in mind that your main purpose is concealment.

  1. Belt

The belt may be among the most neglected components of concealed carry gear. Yet having an excellent belt provides a significant difference in terms of spreading the weapon’s weight, holding the holster, and overall comfort.

An excellent gun belt not only makes carrying safer and convenient, but it also lets you keep the weapon hidden and stable. The best belts are usually made of leather. This material may last for decades, so it’s unlikely that you’ll have to replace it often.

  1. Extra Ammunition

Carrying additional ammo is a no-brainer. If you require a gun, you must also have enough bullets. There’s a fair risk in a real-life scenario that you’ll run out of ammunition and have to reload. This is regardless of whether you’re holding a revolver or a semi-automatic weapon.

For a revolver, it may be advantageous to get a speed loader packed with sufficient bullets. Another factor to remember is that malfunctioning magazines cause a lot of semi-automatic weapon mishaps. So, it’s essential to have a spare magazine on hand.

Many holster designs have an ammunition pocket. But, if your holster doesn’t have one, a purse would do. Simply ensure that you can reach them quickly when necessary.

  1. Medical Kit

A pocket-sized first-aid kit or a tourniquet is an important tool for concealed carriers. In certain situations, a quick tourniquet may save a person’s life. You should also learn about proper first aid as a precautionary measure. First aid awareness is just as crucial as weapons training.

  1. Flashlight

Although carrying a flashlight might not seem essential, it may have multiple functions. It would not only come in handy when you’re in an emergency scenario at night, but, sometimes, illumination is all you need to stay safe and not a lethal device.

  1. Knife

Carrying a knife ensures that you have a backup in the event that your firearm malfunctions. It’s also useful in tight situations when you may not be able to fire your weapons effectively. Just ensure that you know how to draw your knife quickly.

  1. Cell Phone

Whether it’s for contacting medical responders to tend to a non-shooting situation or just requesting help from the authorities, it’s essential for concealed carriers to have a cell phone. Calling the authorities immediately is essential even though you didn’t fire a gun.

Some criminals tend to call 911 to manipulate the narrative. They may be able to provide information about you and your weapon. The authorities will then be searching for you as an offender.

Taking photos with your cellphone could also help the authorities learn about the incident that took place, especially if there are no cameras installed in the location. This could also help you in case you’ve become the victim of the assault.


Now that you’ve learned the essentials for concealed carriers, you’ll need to carry the weapon correctly to prevent any mishaps. Use it for self-defense and not for violence.

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