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7 Creative Ways to Store Dishes in Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Have you ever tried pulling out a single pan but ended up with all the other utensils crashing down together? A cluttered kitchen can make every little task a difficult one. Don’t worry if you think less storage space is what causes your kitchen to be a less effective place. You can work smoothly even in a less spacious kitchen if you try some creative techniques to organize your dishes.

These will not only save you clutter anxiety, but also make your kitchen look more put-together.

1.    Organize by type

Split your cabinets into zones based on the type and activity of your kitchen utensils. For example, place your mugs and glasses in a separate space. This way, it will be easier to look for things and you will have all your options in one place in front of you.

It will be a great idea to dedicate a small portion of a cabinet to coffee mugs to kick off your day.

You can also place your wine glasses in one side of your cabinet while the other side can have all the champagne and shot glasses. If the idea resonates with you, you should look at quality kitchen cabinetry from Walcraft Cabinetry to select the perfect one for you.

Or, store all the salad dishes in a separate section. Once you do so, you will find it easier to set up meals when you’re preparing greens.

2.    Keep your everyday dishes at hand

Everybody has kitchen utensils that come in use on a daily basis. Meanwhile, some remain untouched for long periods of time.

You can dedicate a cabinet or drawer to everyday dishes. Try adding the spoons and forks in the same cabinet with the help of storage boxes. This way, your collection of everyday dishes and spoons will not be as hard to reach. You’ll know which door to open or what drawer to pull out every day, making mealtimes much more efficient.

3.    Color coordinate your dishes

You can avoid the frustration and anxiety of looking at disorganized cabinets by color-coordinating them. If you own colorful mugs and plates, separate them on the basis of colors. Place like-colored kitchen utensils together and watch your cabinets become a sight for sore eyes.

You can store all your white utensils and dishes in a separate cabinet too.

4.    Try vertical separators

If you have a large number of cutting boards and platters, you are going to love what vertical separators can do. You can separate your boards and platters while also storing them in the same cabinet. Another important thing to note is that storing them in vertical position saves space.

Similarly, you can also separate them according to their usage and type. For instance, you can keep cutting boards used for greens separate from the ones you use for meat.

5.    Use pegs and shelves

Piling up dishes according to their size is a great idea. You can even use pegs in your drawers to separate the different sizes for a more organized look.

Consider adding more shelves to your cabinets if you don’t want to waste any available space. All your dishes in one place will be savior life-saver for when you don’t have the energy or time to look for a dish in your preferred size.

6.    Add a pull-out drawer

We understand that pans give the most trouble when it comes to organizing the kitchen. A pull-out drawer will give you a nice storing space while also being easily accessible at the same time. You will not have to worry about your pans ruining the look of your kitchen. Stack them in the hidden drawer in your cabinet.

Not to mention, pull-out drawers also give your kitchen a modern touch.

7.    Add a Liner

Did you purchase china dishes and saucers for your glassed cabinet doors but it’s hard keep neat? Instead of having to wipe down the inside of your cabinets frequently, investing in a liner is a good option. You can get it in a contrasting color or pattern to make your expensive dishes stand out.

This technique will also be effective for your lighter-hued items if you choose the right liner.


There are plenty of ways to declutter your kitchen so it looks well-organized. Your kitchen will be more functional and items will be easily accessible if you spend a day being creative with how you store your dishes. Lastly, putting away your kitchen utensils and cutlery neatly will leave more working space, and allow guests to admire your kitchen décor without the clutter of dishes.

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