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6 ways to conserve energy using your computer
6 ways to conserve energy using your computer


6 ways to conserve energy using your computer

It can be difficult to reduce your energy consumption when you are using your computer all day long. In actuality, a full desktop computer set-up (i.e. one that has an internet connection and a pair of loudspeakers and printing) which is running all day long uses up to 600 kWh each year. But , don’t worry about it, you can follow these tips to cut down on your PC’s energy consumption.

1. Unplug your computer whenever it is you are not using it

If there’s no use for your PC it is best to turn it off and disconnect it. This is due to the fact that a plug-in PC , even when turned offwill still draw standby power.

2. Disconnect external devices

If they’re connected to your computer and devices like headphones, printers, and webcams use electricity even when they’re using them. This is why it is important to unplug or disconnect external devices from your PC when you’ve finished using these devices.

3. Alternately, you can make use of a smart strip particularly for computers that you can’t switch off

Smart strips are an array of multiple outlets for electrical power in one strip, and includes circuits that monitor and increase the power usage of your gadgets. It is able to electronically disconnect every device to cease drawing current, which can help save energy. Connecting your PC as well as peripherals (e.g. printers, printers or scanners, etc.)) with the Smart Strip, you don’t have to disconnect your device even when you’re not using it.

4. Set your computer’s energy settings

The power settings on your PC will allow you to use less energy. For instance, you could decide to place your monitor and hard drive in sleep mode if they’re inactive for a couple of minutes. The ability to reduce the screen’s brightness display will also reduce the use of the power consumption.

5. Make sure to charge a laptop only when your laptop is charged

When laptops are charged, we often not think about them and leave them in the charger for several hours. The problem is that overcharging can damage batteries over the course of time. If you leave the charger on — even if unconnected to your laptop will also drain battery power for standby.

To reduce energy consumption, make sure you disconnect your laptop’s charger when you’re finished charging. You can also use the wall outlet that comes with timers or plug in your charger to smart strip.

6. Choose an Energy Star-compliant PC

Energy Star is the US Environmental Protection Agency’s symbol of energy efficiency. Any product that has earned Energy Star certification Energy Star symbol is guaranteed to provide both high-quality efficiency and savings on energy. The more stars a product’s rating is the more energy efficient it is. Research shows that one Energy Star-compliant monitor and computer can help save between $7 to $52 per year on electric bills.

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