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6 Warning Signs You Need SEO Services For Your Company
6 Warning Signs You Need SEO Services For Your Company

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6 Warning Signs You Need SEO Services For Your Company

How is your website performing on Google’s search results? According to Smart Company, recent statistics show that half of the small businesses in Sydney and other parts of Australia don’t have a website. If you want your e-commerce company to earn more online revenue, it’s important to improve your SEO performance through options like SEO Sydney services. Here are some of the main red flags that your company requires such services:

High Load Times

This factor is a common issue for both PCs/Macs and mobile devices. Studies show that the average load time for a mobile page is 22 seconds. If your site is loading web pages that fast, it means it is good enough.

It’s normal for mobile devices to have longer load times than desktops and laptops. Meanwhile, Australian consumers aren’t willing to wait a long time for pages to load.

SEO experts can help to determine the main causes of this problem. Your site could have outstanding products and content, but if the web pages take too long to load, fewer visitors will keep navigating your site. This makes load times one of the most critical SEO problems to get fixed.

Non-Secure Server

If your company’s web address doesn’t start with “https:” then you don’t have a secure server. The “s” indicates this fact. This is another problem SEO experts can repair.

Slow Web Traffic

This could include web traffic that’s always been slow or slowed down recently. In both cases, if you’re not driving traffic to your site, then it’s a sign you might need the help of SEO experts. There are several causes of slower web traffic.

The main issue is it’s a complex situation that can result from several factors. SEO services can help pinpoint the problem to precisely determine what’s causing the low number of visits. They can also help propose solutions on how to fix the problem so you’ll have more traffic than a Sydney highway during rush hour.

Few Conversions

Your company can have lots of visitors, but an important goal is to convert those visits into sales. An SEO company can help determine why your company has low conversion rates. There are several possible reasons, including ones related to the website itself. Your company’s bottom line can affect its ability to stay online, so you shouldn’t ignore low conversion rates.

No content marketing

Today’s online customers avoid “hard sells” so it’s essential to prevent that in your content. On the other hand, if you’re not monetizing your website through content marketing, then you’re missing a golden opportunity. If your online business has bad or no content marketing, an SEO company can offer solutions.

Social Media-unfriendly

Due to factors like spiking social media users, it’s important for modern websites to have a social presence. In general, this includes platforms like Facebook, which is the world’s largest social media network. However, in some situations, a website’s target audience includes many users of niche platforms like Reddit.

E-commerce companies have the option to launch a dedicated mobile app. This provides the most mobile-friendly experience for users since the app is designed exclusively for smartphone and tablet users.

However, an SEO company can still help to make your website more mobile-friendly. This is a more cost-effective yet efficient way to increase visits, leads, and sales.

In the case of SEO strategies, there’s always room for improvement. Effective SEO Sydney services can help figure out areas in which your company is performing well, badly, or average. The process often starts with a website audit. SEO experts can then offer solutions to optimize your rankings on Google, the world’s largest search engine.

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