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6 things to consider before buying a new toothbrush
6 things to consider before buying a new toothbrush

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6 things to consider before buying a new toothbrush

The average person spends approximately one thousand hours in teeth brushing during their lifetime. Brushing teeth is an essential part of mouth hygiene and cavity prevention. Many of us struggle to find appropriate and suitable toothbrushes. In a further dedicated post, Smile Solutions Dentistry will point out and explain aspects to consider when choosing your ideal toothbrush model.

Not all toothbrushes are equally created. There is countless variation of toothbrushes in the market from their manufacturing material to shape, size, and purposes.

Essential things that determine the quality and distinguish toothbrushes one from another are:

  1. Size of the brush head

Brush head size varies and a larger head doesn’t imply greater efficiency. It is usually assumed that a bigger brush head cleans more teeth simultaneously. Nevertheless, big brush heads usually can`t approach mouth areas that are hard to reach, for instance, the back of the mouth with third and second morals. The advantage of a smaller brush is its ability to clean the space between teeth, nooks, and crannies. Another thing to think about when choosing the right side of the toothbrush is the size of your mouth. Naturally, not every person has the same mouth size, customize the size of the brush to your assessments.

Additionally, toothbrush heads vary in shape. Some brush heads are more tapered while others are broader. Choose the option that makes you comfortable for reaching the farthest teeth edges and mouthparts.

  1. Bristle types

Bristle types usually came in soft, medium, and hard options. Besides those regular types, there are alternatives added with some extra types such as firm and ultrasoft. Some types of brushes claim to remove tartar (calculus). Many believe that a hard brush can efficiently remove stains from teeth, yet hard bristles are abrasive and actually can damage teeth enamel. Our recommendation is the soft or ultrasoft nylon bristles with tapered edges. Soft bristol won’t damage teeth and gums even with greater pressure and rougher brushing.

  1. Rounded or straight bristles

The shape of the bristles has an important role in teeth hygiene. Different bristles refer to their various functions and usage, such as whitening, tartar removal, and gum health. Tapered bristles are more gentle to gums, therefore, rounded bristles are more advised. Straight bristles (sharp tips bristles) can cause damage to gums that can consequently cause injury, inflammation, and infection.

  1. An ergonomic aspect of a toothbrush

Ergonomic design relates to constructing products to fit people and provide efficiency, and productivity while reducing discomfort. This aspect of toothbrushes especially applies to children that are developing motor skills, and people with hand dysfunction. Many toothbrush handles are designed with the ability to bend and flexibility. Many styles of toothbrush handles are diverse in shape, longitude, heft, and others. It is recommended to choose one long enough to hold comfortably and move easily to reach all mouth parts. What matter is to feel good in your hand. Hand mobility problems might require a thicker handle as easier to grab, while small hands may prefer a narrow handle, et cetera.

  1. Manual and electronic toothbrushes

Many people are in doubt about whether is wise to invest in electronic toothbrushes. The answer is in personal affinities. As long as we brush correctly and regularly, either toothbrush solution is suitable. Electronic brushes reportedly have the ability to reduce plaque and therefore gingivitis. Additionally, electronic toothbrushes might be more appropriate for quick brushing when we don’t have enough time to brush our teeth for recommended two minutes. Also, they provide brushing with less effort. Most electronic bruises are equipped with pressure sensors, oscillating heads, and a timer. Whatever options, manual or electronic, are an excellent way in maintaining good oral hygiene if used with proper technique and time for brushing.

  1. ADA seal

The American Dental Accossiation (ADA) seal on toothbrushes implies approval of safety and efficiency. ADA-approved brands of toothbrushes undergo rigorous quality control, and checks to fulfill standards and parameters. This seal guarantees a high rank of toothbrush performance.


An inadequate toothbrush can lead to sensitive teeth and receding gums. The recommendation for daily tooth brushing is two times a day for two minutes. Brushing properly is vital regardless of the traditional or electronic toothbrush. Flossing is another important part of maintaining oral hygiene. Only proper toothbrushing habits will provide you prevention of cavities, plaque, healthy gums, and yellow color teeth.

Replace your toothbrush or brush head on an electric one every three mounts or early if you notice that the brush bristles have deformed, flayed, matted, or any other changes. Besides regular replacement, remove the brush after contracting a disease.

Consult your dentist for advice on which type of toothbrush will suit you best and provide adequate properties for your dental needs.

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