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6 Best Winter Horse Riding Clothes
6 Best Winter Horse Riding Clothes

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6 Best Winter Horse Riding Clothes

There is something magical and special about heading out on horseback on a crisp winter morning. Therefore, as winter comes and temperatures drop, there is no need to put your favorite equestrian activity on hold. You can still enjoy horseback riding during snowy and cold months, and all you need is proper preparation. In this article, we will talk about winter riding gear that will keep you warm and comfortable in the saddle, no matter how harsh the winter is.

Winter Horse Riding: What To Wear

In winter, the key to comfortable riding is layering high quality garments. The mission of the basic layer is to wick away sweat, the purpose of the middle layer is to provide insulation, and the goal of the outer layer is to protect from the elements.

The Base Layer

The base layer lies directly against the skin. Since the mission of this layer is to wick away moisture, you need to choose clothes that are made of breathable, good wicking, and quick-drying materials, because even in the cold, you will probably break a sweat. It is recommended to avoid cotton because it does not wick. Instead, consider such materials as polypropylene or polyester. They dry quickly and wick sweat away, even though they do not provide much warmth.

Other good choices for the base layer are light wool, silk, and other natural fibers. Think about getting clothes made of merino wool because it is lightweight and anti-microbial.  However, you should be aware of one disadvantage of wool – it irritates the skin and may not feel as comfortable as other materials.

The Middle Layer

The middle payer performs two important functions – it provides warmth and carries moisture and sweat away from the body.  It is the layer that retains body heat and protects a rider from the cold. A great and affordable choice for the middle layer is a fleece. Heavyweight and midweight wool are also great options.

When choosing clothes for the middle layer, you should remember and keep in mind one thing: your middle layer garment should zip or button up the front because your helmet will not let you pull it over if it gets too hot. It is recommended to look for a waterproof jacket with vents and a high neck. The middle layer also includes sweaters and sweatshirts depending on your preference.

The Outer Layer

When choosing garments for your outer layer, make sure that they are windproof and waterproof. You need to stay as dry as possible, so make sure you get a warm quality coat that provides excellent waterproof protection. Also, your choice of clothes for the outer layers depends on the client and environment. For example, if the climate is mild, a breathable and waterproof jacket is more than enough. However, if you are planning to do horseback riding in a snowy and cold region, you will need the outer level with additional insulation.

It is recommended to avoid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) because they are prone to tearing. Instead, consider Gore-Tex because it is both breathable and waterproof.  You can also look for harder polyester or nylon that has a special durable water repellency coating.

You should also pay special attention to the design of your jacket. The most important and useful features include a high neck, hood, fasteners at the wrist, and vents. Also, many special winter riding jackets include such features as a back zipper, double-vented back, or vertical gusset spreading open when you sit in the saddle.

Lower Body 

For your lower body, it is recommended to choose thermal underwear made from merino wool, silk, or synthetic material.  You can choose regular, fleece-lined, or thermal breeches for the top layer. If you need to combat harsh winter conditions, then you can wear your regular breeches as a base layer underneath thermal and insulated pants.  Another option that will help you stay warm is chaps in suede or leather.

It is recommended to avoid wearing ski pants or any other type of slippery pants because it is not safe.


Keeping your feet warm is very important during winter horseback riding. You need to choose high-quality special winter boots with thick and moisture resistant soles, waterproof membranes, and plush lining for increased warmth. Many models of winter boots are bulky, so always make sure that the boots you decided to buy can fit in the stirrup. Also, when you try horseback riding boots on, keep in mind that they should have enough space inside to accommodate one or two pairs of socks.


Finding a good pair of gloves that provides warms without adding too much bulk is not the easiest task. When you are looking for a pair of gloves for horseback riding, it is better to choose gloves that are made of waterproof material, have an insulating living, and offer a good grip. One of the best options is the gloves with Thinsulate lining.

Do Not Forget About The Details

Some small details can make a difference, so it is important not to forget about them. Among them are the following:

  • Woolen socks that will keep your feet warm
  • A neck warmer or scarf that can cover your neck, chin, mouth, and other parts of your face
  • Safety vest to remain visible
  • Horse clothing and gear in order to keep the animal warm
  • Hands and toe warmers for additional warmth of your hands and feet

Get Your Riding Gear for this Winter

If you want to continue enjoying horseback riding in winter, you need to prepare and get special gear that will help you stay warm and comfortable. Equoware is an equestrian boutique that sells high-quality riding apparel for all seasons, including winter. They have a great collection of breeches, coats, shirts, sweaters, tops, footwear, and other gear that is necessary for enjoyable horseback riding.

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