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5 Ways to Boost Your Christian Faith
5 Ways to Boost Your Christian Faith

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5 Ways to Boost Your Christian Faith

It’s not easy to be a Christian in the modern world. The world is becoming more and more secular. The Christian faith, which this country ran on, is now seeing a sharp decline.

Because of this, many Christians may feel that it’s tough to bring God into their life. However, He is just as present as He has always been, and if you make use of the resources you have available, you can find God and express your love for Him in modern times.

This article will walk you through a few ways you can boost your Christian faith, and keep your love of God strong in this secular world.

  1. Meet Some Other Christians

There are fewer Christians in the world than there were, say, fifty years ago. However, this means that the Christians you do meet are, very likely, going to be the ones who really care.

The Christians out there in the world are also working hard to keep their faith in this world. They’re certainly not fairweather believers. They’ve weighed faith against the trappings of the modern world, and purposefully seek God out.

When you meet new Christians, you meet people who are excited to talk about faith with you. They can share stories, introduce you to new theologists, and give you their own take on the bible.

Christians don’t usually engage in a lot of the entertainments that we associate with the contemporary world. Making Christain friends give you a great way to pass the time while still keeping the faith.

When you meet other Christians, your faith is strengthened because you learn to understand what your faith means to you. Encountering differences and similarities in experience with others is key to developing a personal relationship with God.

  1. Make Time For the Bible

Just like Christianity, reading is also declining in America. Close to thirty percent of Americans say they don’t read in a year.

However, reading is one of the best ways to maintain a relationship with God.

Obviously, listening to a member of the clergy’s take on passages in the bible when in church is important. The priests are specially trained to read the bible and apply it to our contemporary world.

It’s also important to be able to make these inferences yourself. The only way you can do this is by reading the bible.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve read the bible, make it a project for yourself. Carve out an hour a day to read it, sit down, and make your way through it. You might be surprised by the level of poetic depth and philosophical intrigue that a lot of the passages you were taught as kids have.

When Christians read the Bible, they begin to understand God’s words as He intended them to be heard. They’re able to start communicating in his language and thereby making connections from not only one part of the bible to another, but from the bible to life.

  1. Get Involved in Church 

One of the best ways to strengthen your own relationship with God is to help other people find Him. There’s no better way to watch other people have revelations within Jesus’ light than to get involved in Church yourself.

If you already attend church every week, it shouldn’t be too hard to start getting involved. Stay after church to talk to your priest, deacon, or pastor. Becoming a recognizable face in your church’s community is the first step.

See if there is a lack of greeters at church. This is a simple, easy way you can get involved at church and strengthen your relationship with God.

Make use of your individual talents to serve your church. If you happen to be a singer, consider joining your church’s choir. If you play an instrument, and your church has a band, ask the bandleader if you can sit in.

If your talents lie in teaching, the church’s local Sunday school might have some openings. You also might be able to volunteer as a reader, if your church opens up readings to the public.

  1. Engage in Religious Listening

A lot of us have busy lives, and we can’t always make time to read. Luckily audio-based forms of media have made a comeback. Podcasts and online radio shows have made it easier than ever for people to access information.

Certain Christians have even taken it into their hands to create audio content for Christians on the go. Our beliefs go back thousands upon thousands of years, but we’re forced to live in the contemporary world. Why not make use of the technology we have available to use to bring us closer to God?

Click here to check out a great option for a show that you can listen to in order to strengthen your own faith. Check out their site for information concerning various aspects of faith in the 21st century.

  1. Engage With Christian Artists 

A great way to strengthen your relationship is to engage in art that celebrates Jesus Christ. There are many filmmakers, musicians, and authors who write works that help Christians navigate this world.

Art is something that we’re able to consume in our downtime. When you get the thoughts of Christian artists in your head, you think more about God and strengthen your faith.

Strengthen Your Christian Faith in a Secular World

Our modern world is increasingly secular. In order to make sure that your Christian faith grows stronger, you need to make sure you water it like a flower. Meet other Christians, make time for the bible, get involved in church, engage in religious listening and engage with Christians, and you’re far more likely to keep your faith strong.

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