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Unique Gifts For Employees 2021
Unique Gifts For Employees 2021

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5 Unique Gifts For Employees 2021

The corporate sector has undergone a lot of changes. There is no longer the boss culture and the gap between the employees and the employers has been filled. Employees value their workplace and the feeling is reciprocated by their employers as well. Employers often find corporate gift ideas for their employees so that they can acknowledge their presence and efforts. There is so much that is there to celebrate. Employee birthdays, work anniversaries, holiday gifts and much much more. There are so many reasons behind why a company may be looking for a gift idea for their employees.

When picking the best corporate gifts 2021, employers have to be careful. There are some factors that have to be taken into consideration. Firstly, the gift you choose should be practical and useful so that the employee actually makes use of it. Secondly, the gift should be valuable so that the recipient does appreciate its value. You cannot just pick up a random thing and send it over as a gift can you? Last but not the least, the gift should also lie within an economical range.

Employers do have to gift items to their clients and employees on a regular basis. But if they start doing so without any budget constraints in mind, it will eventually end up costing the company a lot of money and resources.

With this being said, it is already an obvious fact that choosing gifts for employees can be a challenging task. But worry no more as we have come to help. To help you pick the best gift for your employees, we surveyed the market and put together a list of the top five unique gifts for employees that would be highly appreciated and valued by anyone:

1. Wireless Charger:

Given the modern era of tech, our lives are heavily dependent on the use of gadgets. Whether it be tablets, headphones, mobile phones, everything has to be charged to be used. And struggling with different cords and wires for different devices and having to carry them around and protect them is nothing but a hassle. Therefore, if you are interested in work anniversary gift ideas that are practical and would be loved by the employees, consider a wireless charger.

The Native Union Drop Wireless Charger is a great pick. It is compact so it can easily be placed on the work desk. And all one needs to do to charge their device is to place it on top of the dock. The dock will automatically charge it and the need of wires and cords would be eliminated entirely.

2. Speaker:

A speaker is another great gift idea, especially if you know of an employee who is a music enthusiast or loves to blast some beats around the office. Rather than opting for a wired speaker, why not give them a wireless one.

The Beats Pill + Speaker is a tried and tested option that is great. It connects with the device wirelessly via a bluetooth connection. The speaker has excellent sound through which means that the users will be able to hear the sound even from a distance. Despite the powerful sound, the overall size of the speaker is quite compact which makes it easy to carry around. It will not feel bulky and is a great gift for employees who are always on the go.


Carrying things like a laptop and other supplies to the office on a daily basis can be a hassle. This is especially true for the employees whose job role requires them to travel a lot. Therefore a unique gift idea for such employees would be to get them a backpack.

The Topo Designs Y Pack in the color Olive is a great pick in this regard. The backpack is extremely spacious which means that it will easily accommodate a large number of items. It has a special compartment for laptop which will keep it safe and free from any damage. The material of the backpack is stiff and sturdy so it will not tear or get damaged easily. The straps are also soft so they do not cut through the skin which means that one will be able to wear the backpack easily without experiencing any sort of discomfort.

4.Water Bottle:

A water bottle is a great gift that will remind your employees to stay hydrated. If you are looking for a Work From home Care Package, that will be practical and useful, a water bottle would be an excellent choice.

The W&P Design Porter Water bottle is sleek and stylish. It is also quite compact which makes it easy to carry around and thus makes it an ideal bottle for use on a daily basis. The volume of the bottle is perfect for individual use and it will constantly serve as a reminder for one to drink water and stay hydrated.


Had it ever crossed your mind that a jigsaw puzzle would also make an excellent and unique gift idea for your employees? The jigsaw puzzle is fun to solve and once completed, gives one a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

Amongst all the jigsaw puzzle options in the market, the Areaware Gradient Puzzle in the color black and white is quite attractive. The puzzle has a gradient design which means that it is not a conventional puzzle. The gradient adds to the challenge of solving the puzzle and once done, ends up with a unique design that looks great.

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