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5 Unique Couples Gifts to Try for Date Night

Once you have been in the same relationship for a while, it is easy to become complacent and not be creative with your date ideas. You may find yourself in a rut and are trying to think of some ideas you could try to spice things back up. It is far too easy to get busy in life and take your partner for granted, but there are still ways to surprise them and show them you care.

Take a Class

A great gift to get your significant other is learning something new together. Many people chose to take cooking classes. This is a great option because you are learning a skill you can use at home and can even be used later to make them a romantic meal as another sweet gift. However, there are other options.

You can always sign up for a class that teaches a certain craft trade. Blowing glass is a really popular one and can be fun to learn. If you are more adventurous, you could sign up to take horseback riding lessons, and if you are an adrenaline junkie, you could sign up for sky diving lessons. Excuse the pun, but “the sky is the limit”.

Paint by Number

Ok, as you read that you are probably thinking we are not kids, but just keep reading. There are a few companies on the internet that allow you to upload your favorite picture and they transform it into a paint by numbers kit. This kit comes with a canvas and all the paint and brushes you need to complete the portrait.

You will want to pic the cutest picture that you have of the two of you. Then you can have a painting of you too forever. Also, don’t worry if you are not a painter. These sets are designed for people with no experience and you can look at the reviews and see how great they turn out.

Shopping Date Night Challange

This challenge you and your significant other go to the store and purchase a list of things for the other person. Then you go home and show each other what was purchased.

The List

  • Their favorite snack
  • Their favorite drink (with or without alcohol is your preference)
  • Something that is their favorite color
  • Something that reminds you of them
  • Something that the both of you can enjoy together (board game, movie, craft, etc…)

Make a Game

This is a great date night for a couple that is crafty and enjoys games. The most popular game to make seems to be a version of truth or dare. This allows you to add a little spice into the game if you want to. You could either chose to pre-make the game and give it as a gift or buy the materials and make the game together.

12 Months of Prepaid Dates

This gift is perfect to use for anniversaries and Christmas. You can even incorporate some of the suggestions from this list into the gift. You will want to purchase a binder and some card stock to start the project. First, you need to think of a fun date night for each month. Do your research and see if any shows or plays are coming to your area in the next year that yall would like to see.

Once you have picked a few big-ticket items like concerts or plays. Start to feel in the gaps with other ideas. Try and include at least one road trip. Once you know what you want to do each month get 12 pieces of card stock and right the 12 months across the tops of them. Then right what you will be doing for each month. Go ahead and buy everything you will need for each of those dates. To give a few example gift cards, tickets, or even gas cards. Hole punch the card stock and place the pages in the order in the binder.

Now that you have all these ideas, make sure to be diligent about using them and spending time with your significant other. Let them know you do not take them for granted by taking the time to make them one-of-a-kind couple gifts and memories. Using any of these will guarantee that you make memories that neither of you will ever forget.

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