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5 Things to Study Before Taking your Mat Pilate Certificate

Mat Pilates is a low-impact exercise that aims at improving your posture while strengthening muscles for easy body flexibility. The training takes about 45 minutes with or without an instructor.

For starters, engaging a certified instructor is crucial for improving muscle flexibility because Pilate involves body movements while controlling your breath. Before taking a mat Pilate certificate, here are the five things you need to study.

1.    Pilates Can Require Equipment

Mat Pilates, to be precise, requires a mat that is thicker than the normal exercising mat. It helps reduce pressure on your touchpoints as you move your body.

Other equipment is introduced in mat Pilate as you proceed with the exercise classes. They include a low spring chair with paddings known as Wunda, spine corrector, magic circle, and the Cadillac.

2.    Repetitive Exercises in Beginner Classes

When starting, be prepared to encounter repetitive exercises in beginner classes, including breathing, rolling up, leg circles, and rolling like a ball. Your Pilate instructor builds on them to improve your muscle flexibility as you get used to the moves.

Start slowly and increase your speed as you proceed to avoid injury, as the main focus is the mind-body connection. Since you may take time before gaining confidence, you may opt for private classes.

3.    You don’t need Physical Pilate Introduction Classes

Before going for the Mat Pilates certification class, you can start Pilate introduction classes online and from the comfort of your house. Later on, when you gain confidence, you can go for advanced one-on-one classes.

Alternatively, you can also use mobile exercising apps for Mat Pilates workouts.

4.    Choosing the Right Clothes Helps You Work out Better

Mat Pilates certification classes require a body-fitting outfit like capris to allow your instructor to monitor your movement. Besides, bugging clothes can get stuck in the spring and prevent you from being swift.

You can also do the mat Pilate moves barefoot or in socks, although this depends on the protocols of the studios you choose. If you decide to wear socks, it’s best to ensure they have a rubber sole to avoid slipping when exercising.

5.    Mat Pilate can Cause Serious Injuries

When starting, expect normal soreness and no need to worry about it. But it’s important to protect yourself from injuries caused by overdoing, especially when new.

When you don’t take ample time to relax after your Pilate classes, you’ll likely get an injury in your next class—because your muscles are stressed and pulled.

The common injuries include lower back pain and stiff shoulders, which if they happen and persist, you can consult a doctor and immediately hold the mat Pirate classes.

Before taking a mat Pilate certification course, you need to evaluate the training details to ensure you get the best. Familiarizing yourself with the major requirements equips you with the basic knowledge before starting.

Knowing the above five things also helps you to decide on whether you’ll progress with the certification or not.

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