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5 Situations That Require The Services Of A Real Estate Lawyer
5 Situations That Require The Services Of A Real Estate Lawyer


5 Situations That Require The Services Of A Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate is gradually becoming one of the biggest sectors to invest in. And, if you’re planning to acquire or sell a property, you should seek the help of a real estate agent. However, it doesn’t stop there—there’s also a need for you to hire a real estate lawyer. They’ve been trained to oversee the legal aspects of buying or selling a property, and serve as a mediator in the transactions.

This article will tell you about certain situations that’d require the services of a real estate lawyer. So, read on.

What Does A Real Estate Lawyer Do?

A real estate lawyer has the responsibility of drafting and creating legal documents. They help clarify technical terms that may be unclear to a layman. They’re also in charge of consulting for their clients and ensuring that they get to control the transaction process. A real estate lawyer could also help in settling property disputes.

There are different types of real estate attorneys, which include a zoning attorney that specializes in providing legal services that pertain to the use of land and issuance of zoning permits. The landlord attorney, on the one hand, helps provide services to landlords that have lease problems or require legal backing to evict an occupant. Meanwhile, the tax certiorari attorney specializes in real estate tax assessments, and a real estate litigation attorney specializes in property investments and real estate lawsuits.

Hiring a well-trained lawyer from GLG LLP or any other reputable law firm will make your transactions and processes happen smoothly.

When Would I Need A Real Estate Lawyer?

  1. Purchasing A Property

A real estate agent can be of huge help, but they can’t handle the legal matters involved. They can help you interact with your seller, but they can’t identify or prevent unlawful activities.

When you want to purchase a property, you need a real estate lawyer to draft and create every single document and paperwork that binds the transaction by law. A real estate lawyer can also revise a document. Some of the documents that your attorney can help you prepare include purchase agreements, transfer of title documents, etc.

Also, your attorney will help you break down vague or technical terms into simpler, more understandable ways. This means you’d be well aware of everything before going into it. Moreover, they should be present even in financial transactions and ensure that things are done according to law and in your favor.

  1. Selling A Property

Having talked about purchasing a property, what happens when you’re the seller?  It’s equally required that you hire a real estate lawyer. Some documents have to be transferred to the buyer. Some others represent your interest and include the terms and conditions of sales, if any. You or an agent can’t do such things; only a trained real estate attorney can. Some agents are even more interested in making money from the commission rather than ensuring your best interest.

Hiring a real estate lawyer will mean you protect yourself by settling possible issues even before they arise.

  1. Arranging A Mortgage

Hiring a real estate lawyer is important even when getting a mortgage. You need one to guide you in the home titling. There’s a process of funding the borrower by the lender, which the attorney has to oversee. They make all necessary documents available to make every transaction smooth and free from unlawful practices.

  1. Settling Legal Disputes

There could be possibilities of disputes between two parties involved in the selling or buying of a real estate property. These could be in the form of title problems or land disputes. A real estate lawyer can come in handy when such situations take place and start getting out of hand. They’re trained and equipped with the knowledge and skills required to settle the disputes amicably in all fairness and according to the law.

For example, when there’s a case dispute between a landlord and tenant over a house or land lease agreement, a real estate attorney can be hired to settle it and protect the right of each party.

  1. Property Disputes

Issues could arise on matters concerning the title, boundaries, access, zoning, and land use. The attorney is trained to handle such situations in a fair manner. They can also provide advice in cases when they’re needed.


Although not all states or countries enforce the involvement of real estate lawyers while making real estate transactions, buyers or sellers must hire the services of these people. This makes buying or selling a property, arranging a mortgage, or settling a property dispute fairly and lawfully.

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