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5 Simple Ways to Manage GI and Digestive Problems
5 Simple Ways to Manage GI and Digestive Problems

Health Care

5 Simple Ways to Manage GI and Digestive Problems

People who suffer from them on a daily basis are constantly looking for ways to solve their digestive problems. The truth is that, in one way or another, all of us have experienced digestive-related disorders and know the symptoms of ibs on more than one occasion. The problem comes when these become chronic and appear continuously over time or are so strong that they can lead to the appearance or diagnosis of a major problem.

The digestive problems, their origin and explanation

Digestion is a vital process for the human being, because through the participation of a series of organs in this metabolic process, our organism is able to extract the substances that food contains, absorb them and use them for our subsistence.

But it is common that during this digestive process a series of discomforts are experienced. The symptoms are very varied, and the disorders are not only limited to the physical plane, but can also be transferred to the psychological and emotional level, affecting low moods, anxiety and even depression. Among the most common symptoms are the following, which can occur alone or together:

Abdominal pain and a burning or heartburn sensation, which can spread to the throat, due to the reflux of gastric acid contained in the stomach.

  • Constipation, with serious problems to evacuate or, on the contrary, diarrhea that can carry a risk of dehydration.
  • Bloating, causing a feeling of bloating and fullness.
  • Bowel incontinence, with loss of control of bowel movements and, sometimes, the presence of blood in them.
  • Frequent vomiting or nausea during the digestion process.
  • Weight gain or loss that occurs for no apparent reason or reason.
  • Skin rashes and itching due to allergic reactions that originate in the intestine, from where they spread through the body.

The presence of digestive disorders and their relationship with the diet

There are a whole series of digestive disorders that can be based on the intake of some foods that simply do not feel good to us. Our body can react negatively to the presence of some foods. The causes of this reaction may be due to an intolerance or an allergy, but in most cases they respond to much less serious disorders such as hypersensitivity.

Digestive disorders

Indeed, in the face of these discomforts, when facing the task of how to solve digestive problems, the custom of identifying the problem as a “food intolerance” has become widespread. It is an error that, in most cases, conceals another reality. Scientifically, only two agents have been identified as responsible for true food intolerance, lactose and gluten, and strictly speaking the latter is an autoimmune disease whose triggering agent is this component. On the other hand, to speak properly of a food allergy we would have to be faced with a specific reaction of the immune system against certain foods, which involves damage to the body itself, which varies in severity up to the possibility of anaphylactic shock.

The rest of the cases are included in the field of hypersensitivity, which has a lot to do with the natural processes by which the human species has been including a series of foods in its diet, adapting to and tolerating them. The moment the organism exceeds this threshold of assimilation, that sensitivity arises.

We must bear in mind that although most digestive disorders are related to food, they do not always have to be caused by it, they may be due to other conditions or pathologies that must be diagnosed by a specialist in the field.

In short, to know with certainty how to solve digestive problems and if these have their origin in an intolerance, an allergy or another type of disorder or sensitivity, the opinion of an expert is absolutely necessary. Scientifically proven results contribute to the elimination of the unpleasant symptoms that characterize digestive disorders and implies an improvement in the quality of life , without the need to resort, on many occasions, to the exclusion of food.

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