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5 Myths about silk sheets
5 Myths about silk sheets

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5 Myths about silk sheets

Silk is acknowledged as one of the most luxurious and softest materials that are available worldwide. This is created from a fine fiber that silkworm cocoons produce. It is further unraveled as well as swiveled into yarn. When the matter zeroes on sheets for their bedroom then most people choose the best silk sheets compared to other materials that are found. However, some myths surround silk sheets and some of them are:

  • Myth 1 – Silk sheets are slippery – This is a fact that silk sheets possess lesser friction in comparison to the run-of-the-mill cotton sheets but you will not slip off from the former. This myth is popular as silk sheets are habitually mistaken for some imposter satin silk that gets created from polyester. The polyester satin silks emerge as highly slippery whereas real silk sheets feel very soft.
  • Myth 2 – Silk sheets need dry cleaning – You can machine wash superior quality silk sheets on the gentle cycle. However, you need to wash them in cold water. Again, they don’t need dry cleaning but you need to utilize a silk-friendly detergent. With a continuous wash, they tend to lose their luster a little bit but they turn softer after some washes only. According to many people, silk sheets turn into their preferred material after they get washed several times.
  • Myth 3 – Every silk sheet is the same – You will come across various silk sheets that are available in the market and so, at times, it becomes a tough process to make comparisons between them. For beginners, the momme weight of a silk sheet does range from six to thirty mm and it is utilized as the chief means for measuring the quality of silk. Momme is considered to be equivalent to the thread count of cotton sheets and this is an atypical unit that is particularly utilized for measuring the quality and weight of silk. The ideal weight for a silk sheet does fall between 16 and 21mm. Nonetheless, many believe that 19mm proposes the finest balance of affordability, look, and strength.

If a manufacturer refuses to convey to you the momme weight of his silk sheet, then you must not rely on his products. Besides momme weight, various other kinds of silks too are utilized in a silk sheet and they comprise Tussah Silk, Charmeuse Silk, and Habotai Silk. Habotai silk and Charmeuse silk are created from the mulberry silkworms that are bred in captivity. They look different in luster and feel as Charmeuse silk has lesser friction and higher luster whereas Habotai silk has got a sandy matte finish.

Tussah silk is created from wild silkworms and in comparison, it is of lower quality. This silk has got visual impurities and habitually possesses knots because of the presence of some broken silk fibers.

  • Myth 4 – Silk is a subtle fabric and does not last long – Silk doesn’t require too much care but it emerges as a strong fabric due to its weight. The ratio of strength-to-weight of silk turns it into an ideal fabric that is utilized for producing parachutes. However, today, parachutes are created from nylon. This myth has got cultivated as lightweight silk is habitually utilized in women’s dresses or lingerie and due to the lightness of this silk, it gets damaged easily. However, when you choose heavier-weight quality silk, then you will be able to use it for many years.
  • Myth 5 – Silk happens to be a modern material – Though silk looks as well as feels modern, it has been cultivated for nearly 5000 years in China. According to rumor, Leizu, a Chinese empress invented the silk loom when she found out silkworms after she had her afternoon tea. If the story is to be believed, then a cocoon fell right into her drink and it then began to unravel due to the heat. Another story says that Leizu discovered that silkworms were spinning cocoons and eating mulberry leaves. She did collect a few cocoons and while she was sipping her tea, she dropped one cocoon into the water. After this, a fine thread began to separate and Leizu found that she was capable of unwinding it further.

The silk sheets are excellent for your skin and hair. The ultra-smooth touch of this fabric does not allow women’s precious locks from becoming tangled.

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