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Common Causes Of Car Accidents In Brooklyn
Common Causes Of Car Accidents In Brooklyn


5 Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents In Brooklyn

While you are on the road, a car crash can happen at any moment. Even if you were driving carefully, there are chances that someone was not. As much as someone takes preventive measures to safeguard themselves from an accident, you can not always anticipate all the possible scenarios.

The only part of areas where you can make the anticipation are the part of the area where you know have heavy traffic or an area where you know have wavy foot traffic.

Although car accidents can happen anywhere, researchers have come up with interesting data that showcase the top causes of car accidents in Brooklyn.

Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents In Brooklyn

The most recent statistics show that the car accident rate over the years has increased. According to a Brooklyn accident lawyer, most car accidents share common causes. With that said, they have listed down the most common cause of car accidents in Brooklyn based on their customer’s database.

1. Collision At Intersection

Brooklyn is known for its sharp corners, and it is these corners that contribute to most accidents in Brooklyn. For insurance, Flatbush Avenue and Grand Plaza alone witnessed 14 car accidents in a single month.

For the locals, that is a known place for the accidents. Yes, it is a place where major traffic jams happen, which also influence most intersection accidents.

As of now, there have been more than 150 accidents on that avenue, and more than 40 people have sustained major injuries.

2. Accidents In tunnels, Bridges, And Highways

Tunnel and Highways have always been a great place for people to race at night. However, it has also been a place where most car accidents take place.

Belt Parkway is one of the known highways to have witnessed the most number of accidents to date. There have been more than 160 collisions, resulting in 57 people sustaining injuries and one individual dying right after the accidents.

3. Road And Weather Condition

Brooklyn is known for its adverse weathering condition. Hence, weather conditions also contribute to road accidents in Brooklyn. New York weather always has something surprising to offer. Due to extreme freezing conditions, it affects the driving ability and damages the road condition.

If you live in Brooklyn, you need to consider the weather outside before you take out your car to drive.

4. Tailgating

Tailgating is the process of following the car too close. This usually happens when someone is in a rush or just an aggressive driver. Tailgating is something every driver needs to avoid.

While you are driving on the road, you might need to press on the emergency brakes for a sudden stop. If you are following a car too closely in such scenarios, you might hit the car before pressing the brakes.

Hence, maintaining a safe distance from the car driving in front of you is the best way to avoid accidents.

5. DUI Drivers

DUI stands for driving under the influence. When a driver is driving the car after alcohol consumption can be dangerous for themselves as well as for the others around them.

The best way to solve this problem is to drink in moderation when you know you have to drive or simply do not drink.

Take Away

If you are living in Brooklyn and are serious about taking care of yourself while driving on Brooklyn road, knowing the causes of the accidents will help you avoid accidental situations.

However, even after taking all the precautionary measures, you fall victim to a car accident, you should contact a

personal injury lawyer to file a compensation claim against the other driver.

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