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Car Accident Lawyer
Car Accident Lawyer


5 Less Common Qualities to Look for in a Car Accident Lawyer

Everywhere you turn there are billboards, radio advertisements, and more persuading you to choose one specific car accident attorney. With so many options how do you narrow it down? Sure you could choose the one with the catchy jingle or the number that was easiest to remember, but what about choosing a car accident lawyer that can actually win your case and get you the maximum cash settlement for your suffering? The following are a few things to consider when choosing a car accident lawyer. If you are injured in a car accident in Monroe, Georgia contact Benton & Benton for representation that is second to none.


It is no secret that some lawyers will do some shady things in order to persuade a court room. While you should absolutely find a car accident lawyer that is willing to fight hard for you, it is also possible to expect your lawyer to act with integrity. This, ultimately, is the only way to win. Some car accident cases take quite a while and include a detailed process of gathering information and witnesses. Integrity will also build a stronger bond between you and your attorney and foster trust in the relationship which could lead to better outcomes.


Having a car accident lawyer that is very familiar with the area the accident occurred can be a huge advantage. Also, having a local lawyer will ensure that they know the specifics of the laws in that region. In order for a car accident lawyer to fight for your rights they need to know exactly what your rights are. As far as physical location there can also be an edge in knowing the precise geography of the scene of the accident and knowing the flows of traffic, etc.


While experience is important, it is also smart to consider what type of experience your car accident lawyer might have. Some lawyers have a background as a defense attorney which allows them to see both sides of the operation. Bartlett Benton did this at the beginning of his career and now knows the ins and outs of the insurance companies and knows what gets them to settle cases. This can be a huge advantage to your car accident case. A one sided lawyer might be really good at their side, but it’s knowing the kryptonite of the other side that gives them a leg up in the competition.

Fight Incentives

Just like how many financial advisors are incentivized to do well with your money because they get a percentage of what they are able to make with your money, lawyers will sometimes offer to waive attorney fees if they don’t win the case. Benton has that exact promise. You will not be billed for attorney fees unless your case is won. With an offer like that, what have you got to lose? Hiring a lawyer will greatly increase your chances of receiving a settlement.

Choosing the Right Monroe, Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

If after reading this, you find value in finding representation that will include all of these qualities and more, then look no further than Benton & Benton. They have integrity, are Monroe natives, have years of combined experience including defense, and you won’t pay attorney fees unless they win your case. If you are not in Georgia, hopefully you know better what to consider when choosing a car accident lawyer nearest you.

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