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5 Important features in a Washing Machine
5 Important features in a Washing Machine

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5 Important features in a Washing Machine

While we decide to buy a washing machine, we always try to get the best washing machine in India at the best price and there is a numerous range we get to choose from. To win more customers, different brands are trying to come up with providing a lot more features than the other. The conclusion is there are so many features which aren’t even useful for the consumer but the prices tend to increase because of the same. In this article, we are going to focus on discussing the 5 most important and useful features a buyer should consider while choosing a washer machine for their abode.

     1. Smart Detergent Dosage Recommendation:

I am placing this feature on the top because I have personally experienced this. On different days, we have different loads or different fabric type garments to wash and it’s difficult to calculate manually how much quantity of detergent is required for the optimum cleaning performance. The result is if we add up extra detergent, we might experience residual patches on the surface of the textile and if detergent is less, the wash quality will be compromised.

In this case, smart detergent dosage recommendation feature can help in convenience and detect the load size and type and recommend the right amount of detergent required for satisfying cleaning output. Almost all Whirlpool’s top load washing machines have this feature.

     2. Quick Wash Programs:

These programs are generally very helpful for people who have an office job or do less physical activity. The objective is to wash less soiled garments rapidly. It’s also helpful in winters when we experience less sweating & dirt exposure. Major washing machine brands like Samsung and Bosch offer washing machines with quick wash programs.

     3. Wool or Delicate fabric oriented wash programs:

Now as we were talking about winters, it’s the right time to talk about delicate fabric programs. It works by using the least motion in the drum but effective water pressure to get rid of any sticky germs, allergens or bacteria from the garment surface. Please note to check for the care label instructions before washing the silk and only wash with the liquid detergent from reputed brands like Surfexcel or Ariel.

     4. Automatic Cleaning:

Here I am talking about the cleaning of the appliance itself. Yes! Some people believe there is no need to clean the washer because it does get automatically washed after the wash cycle completes. But sadly, it’s not like that. It is recommended to do cleaning every 15 days or atleast once in a month. Machine’s inner surface acquires a lot of germs and bacteria. Also, the outlet pipe could get clog because of the greasy remains after the wash. To counter this, automatic tub cleaning is integrated by many brands and it’s important to consider this as a needed feature while buying a fully automatic washing machine.

     5. Water Temperature Settings:

This is again a useful feature as different fabrics require different water temperature conditions. Most of the time, there are three water inlet options: cold, warm and hot.

So these were the top 5 features you must look for while buying the appropriate washing machine for your household. All of these features are helpful in operating the washer machine on a regular basis.

Hope it helps!

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