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5 Healthcare Tasks Beyond Patient Care That Require Proper Planning
5 Healthcare Tasks Beyond Patient Care That Require Proper Planning

Health Care

5 Healthcare Tasks Beyond Patient Care That Require Proper Planning

Health is undoubtedly the most precious thing for anyone. In fact, as the world is progressing, healthcare services are becoming more crucial for society’s overall well-being. People are becoming more conscious of healthcare requirements. They are transforming their lifestyles and adopting healthy habits.

Numerous people actively seek medical advice and regular check-up to maintain their physical and mental health. No one in the field of medicine is sitting idle. Hospitals are continuously expanding, catering to more and more patients. Global patients’ intake of medical institutions is increasing. More people are opting for medical education. Even though the medical staff might not be increasing in number as per the demands of patients, but it is still significant enough. Despite this, there are a plethora of people who don’t receive proper medical attention.

Lack of medical personnel or healthcare facilities is not always the reason behind low service levels. Sometimes there are tasks beyond patient care that require attention. They demand separate planning and a strategic approach to fulfill. People should deal with them separately to ensure proper service delivery. In case you have been trying to look after those aspects, this article can be of great help to you. Listed below are five healthcare tasks that are beyond patient care and require proper planning.

1.      Healthcare administration

Running a business is already very tricky. However, businesses in the healthcare industry are even trickier. For instance, healthcare administration is very complex because the managerial staff has to keep track of large amounts of patient data, ensure quality standards are met, and run routine business operations as with any other enterprise. Therefore, easy and accessible courses such as online MBA healthcare administration degrees are gaining traction in the market. More executives are opting for formal, non-clinical academic training in the field of healthcare. Healthcare administration is undoubtedly an aspect of this industry that is way beyond just patient care.

It requires proper planning because it involves so many stakeholders. From controlling the patient inflow to ensuring good service delivery, healthcare administration is an overarching umbrella looking after many functions. A single mistake can make the entire administration go in vain. It can radically disturb the overall Health Care operations. Therefore, it needs proper planning.

2.      Floor planning

Floor planning entails designing a comfortable place for patients to receive appropriate treatment. This space is also essential for practitioners to perform their tasks with ease.

Modern-day healthcare facilities include a wide variety of different services. All of these services need to be streamlined in a manner that makes them accessible to patients. Here’s where good floor planning and design come in handy. From outpatient and inpatient services to complex intensive medical care, you need to plan floor execution accordingly. Contemporary hospital designs are moving towards evidence-based floor planning. Architects are closely studying different medical procedures. Based on their studies, they are designing floor plans for facilities that are more functional. Such strategic planning can enhance the delivery of service and patient outcomes.

3.      Healthcare education

Healthcare education is expensive, limited to a handful of people, and distributed unequally across communities. The distribution and standard of healthcare education are not the same in different parts of the world. This indifference is mainly because healthcare education lacks proper planning. The world needs to address this issue with proper strategic planning to ensure a unified global health education system. It will eventually help to reduce the gap in the availability and skill levels of healthcare professionals.

Inappropriately trained healthcare professionals lack expertise in even the most elementary healthcare procedures. There is an urgent need to plan and strategize the delivery of healthcare education properly. Only then can we ensure and equitable healthcare distribution in the communities. This issue is predominantly prominent in the developing world. People are already suffering from poverty. There is a lack of education opportunities. Therefore, healthcare education becomes even more complex to acquire.

4.      Workforce planning and talent pipelining

The supply and demand of labor in different sectors globally are increasingly becoming alarming. In some industries, there’s a surplus of labor with no work. While in others, it is the other way around. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is among the second. Expensive healthcare education, improper equipment, poor government policies, and certain social stereotypes affect service standards and care delivery outcomes. In addition, the amount of professionals is decreasing. On the contrary, the population is continuously increasing, which is increasing pressure on the existing workforce. Hence, the overall productivity declines.

According to a report by Project hope, the world currently suffers from a lack of 7.2 million healthcare professionals. This void will expand to 80 million by 2030. Therefore, only proper healthcare workforce planning and talent pipelining can save us from a severe shortfall of helping hands. We need to do some outreach to motivate youngsters to opt for the healthcare profession. We need to reduce the barriers hindering people from going into the sector. We need to do proper workforce forecasting so that we have ample talent supply for the future. All these things require due diligence and strategic planning.

5.      Incorporation of technology in healthcare

Technology is causing disruptions in almost every domain of life, and healthcare is no exception. However, the recent technological transformation has revamped the entire association between these two industries. Today, we cannot imagine some of the healthcare facilities we enjoy without technological innovations.

According to a report by Bitrebels, more than 60% of healthcare providers have introduced the Internet of Things (IoT) facilities in medical workspaces. Surprisingly, 40% of the entire IoT industry relies only on the healthcare sector. This dependence has numerous health benefits. Healthcare business owners must ensure that health-tech remains an integral part of the care delivery service.


Humans’ preferences, priorities, and inclinations change with time. However, healthcare needs always remain the top priority for everyone. Therefore, stakeholders must approach this factor with proper planning. Well, thought-out strategies are necessary to ensure a sustainable healthcare system across the globe. Discussed above are some of the aspects of this Industry that require proper planning. We must observe, analyze, and resolve other elements of this industry as well.

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