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Digital PR Mistakes To Avoid
Digital PR Mistakes To Avoid


5 Digital PR Mistakes To Avoid According To Marketing Experts In 2021

Press Releases don’t work…

Digital PR does not give me sales…

I cannot wait for a year to start seeing results…

Being in the industry for more than ten years, I can safely say that digital public relations are an underutilized strategy. I have listed just three of the top answers I have heard from brands.

There is a reason why brands like Apple, Air BnB, and Uber have managed to do so well. There is no doubt that the above brands all have stellar products. However, others do too. What separates them is the brand aspiration that they have been able to successfully execute.

In the past few years, brands looking to pursue a digital pr service have unknowingly ended up creating certain mistakes. This article aims to highlight those mistakes simply and effectively.

List of 5 Digital PR Mistakes to avoid in 2021: According to Marketing Experts

1. Thinking of Digital PR as an Advertising Strategy-

Many make the mistake of thinking and equating PR as Advertising. However, this is not the case. In simple words, advertising has a set of KPIs- reach, clicks, etc. Digital PR on the other hand is all about organic reach. This means that editorials, informative content, and press releases are better for first-time customer connections than clickable ads. In addition to our belief, stats also back up this claim. This helps to create a positive first impression.

2. Believing only the Big Brands can Benefit from Digital PR-

We are not Apple! Of course, you are not. However, Apple too started from somewhere. Every company has a story. Yours does too. Look at how you started, where you got the idea from, who do you want to help? These are stories that can be amplified and create an endearing appeal for the brand. Many smaller digital public relations agencies work with smaller and up-and-coming brands to create their story and put them out to the audiences.

3. Being under the impression that Traditional PR does not work anymore-

Yes, newspapers and print media are slowing down. However, they have evolved from physical forms to digital forms. Physical magazines and newspapers have moved operations online. Therefore, traditional PR needs to keep pace with the changing times and move to an online world. Saying traditional PR is dead is knowing half of the complete information. The platforms have changed, and PR works just as well as it did earlier.

4. Abandoning a PR Strategy after 3 Months-

PPC gets me so many clicks and sales after every ad campaign, why not PR? Don’t be under the misconception that a PR strategy requires two or three months to work. It is an organic approach that requires long-term sustenance to start showing results. However, once you start seeing the results, it sustains forever. The collaboration, releases, and stories cannot stop for it to deliver the best results. Think of it in terms of a long and happy marriage.

5. Letting your PR Agency do everything on Autopilot Mode-

For digital public relations to be effective, a brand and its management need to take a strong interest. While an agency can know a lot about your brand, it is nothing as compared to the knowledge and experience the founders have. What I am trying to say is that active collaboration and engagement are necessary to ensure that the right story goes out every single time. Brands and their executives need to exhibit interest and work together with the agency.

The Bottom Line

If you are ready to make a commitment to digital PR for the long term, I can guarantee that you will start seeing results. There are no two ways about the same. Consumers look for the same thing- personality, story, and attraction towards the brand. With consumers becoming conscious of who they buy for, digital PR is as relevant as it ever was. Yes, the techniques of digital branding have changed, but they are very important for a brand’s success.

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