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Reselling, as we already know, is the selling of a host’s product under the seller’s label. This process’s advantages are that running costs and development costs would be significantly lower by collaborating with a host with the required facilities.

The process is pretty much the same with reseller hosting as one would be selling a hosting company’s products to his clients under the label of his company/business. It is simply the utilization of resources of a hosting company by a reseller.

With the advent of enterprising host companies like My Reseller Home, clients can afford the best reseller hosting services and provide their customers with premium services. For enterprising developers and web designers, reseller hosting is an excellent way to make an extra income source.

However, people are still confused regarding the operation of reseller hosting. This article would answer the 5 common questions people usually ask about reseller hosting.

How does reseller hosting operate?

The reseller can subscribe to a suitable plan and make use of the services offered by the administrator. For instance, complex tasks like hardware maintenance and software hosting will be done by the host company.

The reseller only has to decide upon the range of services they offer and the rates they would charge. Companies like My Reseller Home support the best-unlimited reseller hosting, ensuring more profit to the reseller as they can expand their customer base with ease.

After the subscription, the reseller will have access to the administrator’s account through which they can create new accounts for their customers.

The interface is customizable, and the reseller can make it appear as though they are the hosting provider. Moreover, one can add the reseller’s company logo in the interface and associate the customer interface entirely with them and not with the reseller host.

How to do the homework before starting the business?

The primary step is to devise a feasible business plan. One should have a vision of the growth of the web hosting business in the longer run. Before deciding on the rates to be charged, devise a master plan for the operation of the business.

The second step involves the hunt for an experienced hosting provider whose interests would best suit the business. Based on recent trends, one will get an idea of the target audience.

Choose a reseller host who can provide a plan that would contribute to the growth of the business in the longer run. It is recommended to choose the best reseller hosting with WHMCS that offers a lot of flexibility to hosting services.

Next comes the labeling process to match the reseller’s business identity after subscribing to a suitable plan. Also, the reseller needs to get familiar with the range of services to be offered to the customers.

Next comes the setup. Make sure that the management software is functioning seamlessly before reselling the hosting space.

What are the perks of reseller hosting?

The reseller can devise their packages for hosting in such a way that would benefit their business. Apart from making profits from the subscriptions to the actual host, the reseller can also offer services like website maintenance and web designing.

An advantage is that the charges and the range of services would depend completely on the reseller. Also, one can create cPanel software for their clients. Considering that the initial investment and risk factors are significantly less, it gives the reseller a chance to upgrade in the future.

How does one find the best reseller host?

Before choosing a hosting provider, one should check whether the selected host meets the reseller’s needs. Always choose web hosting companies that have an excellent reputation in the field.

Experienced hosts offer cheap reseller hosting services without compromising on quality. The host should also have a superior software interface to handle the account of the reseller. Also, an active technical support system via phone/email is also a desired feature as far as a host’s credibility is concerned.

Once the reseller’s business develops and demands an upgrade, the hosting provider should provide it without any fuss. Although choosing a host is an individual’s personal preference, these criteria will help the person choose better.

Do I need someone’s assistance to succeed?

Not at all. The hosting provider will take care of all the technically demanding tasks.

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