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5 Actionable Tips To Minimize Waste
5 Actionable Tips To Minimize Waste

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5 Actionable Tips To Minimize Waste

Try to think about all the waste that you use from the moment you start your day until you go to sleep. When you list down every single item, perhaps that’s when you’ll come to terms with the reality of how much waste you’re actually using. You may not be fully aware of it, but you could be unnecessarily contributing waste to the landfill. This adds up, when you consider it in total, on an average person’s lifetime.

Fortunately, you’ve got the power to change this. It doesn’t have to be in big changes to reduce pollution in all its forms. Even with the simple things you do every day, there are better choices you can make to become more eco-friendly and waste-conscious.

Learn how you can make doable changes in your daily life to minimize your waste contribution by reading through below:

  1. Bring A Reusable Bottle All The Time

One of the biggest contributors to single-use plastic is water bottles and even your takeaway beverages like coffee. If you’re the type who takes their pumpkin latte on the run, then you might want to consider now investing in a water bottle that you can bring with you everywhere you go.

You may just be one person, but this actually creates a domino effect on the people around you. When they see someone bringing their own cup to order their drink, they’ll most likely get inspired to do the same. Plus, when you do the math, that’s five bottles or takeaway cups every week that you’ll no longer have to throw into the bin.

If you’re reading this and you’ve got young children, make it a point to bring their own bottle everywhere you go. That way, you don’t have to be tempted to immediately buy a water bottle whenever they get thirsty.

  1. Reduce Your Food Waste

Yes, a lot of food is also wasted. Even if food is technically biodegradable, this doesn’t mean that it’s alright to crowd the dumpsters with wasted food.

Planning is the key. Make sure you stop purchasing anything on an impulse. Take one day each week to sit down and plan your menu. That way, whenever you go to the grocery, you only buy what you truly need.

For the other food scraps like peelings that aren’t edible, if you have the space for it, you can even use it as fertilizer for your own vegetable garden. This makes you even more sustainable. If you don’t know what to do with the non-edible food scraps, calling for Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removals, or any of its equivalents, can ensure that these are disposed of accordingly.

  1. Use Reusable Bags

Wherever you go, there are many shops that are giving reusable bags for free. There are also those that sell bigger eco-bags. If you have these at home, then keep some in your car or in your bag all the time.

Doing this will ensure that whenever you do go to the shops, you no longer have to ask for a paper bag or a plastic bag. Don’t limit yourself doing it to just grocery shopping. Even when you’re shopping for clothes or anything else, go ahead and bring out your reusable bag.

You can finally put an end to that collection of paper bags that don’t get used up anyway.

  1. Utilize Used Cloth For Cleaning

If you’re the type who still depends on a paper towel to wipe your kitchen surfaces, then it’s a good idea to switch now to reusable cloths or rags.

These are also known as those small washcloths or microfiber cloths that are created to take the place of a kitchen towel. You can have cloths designated for each purpose, like some for cleaning the floor, countertops, while others are for wiping wet dishes.

Plus, there really is no reason for you not to buy these washcloths as they’re quite common and inexpensive. Cleaning them also isn’t a chore as you can merely include it in your washer, together with your clothing.

Imagine how many kitchen towel you no longer have to dispose of in the bins because of using these cloths. In the long run, this translates into cash savings, too.

  1. Switch From Paper Transactions 

Are you still receiving your bills in the mail? Go paperless. Why receive them on your mail, when you can easily check through these through your email now.

Not only are you not receiving single-use paper anymore, but it also makes it easier for you to manage your payables when you can receive them all in one place. There’s no need now to sift through so many papers every single month.


If you’re still living a lifestyle that’s very dependent on so many non-reusable items, then now’s a good time for you to create that positive change in your life.

As you can see through the tips above, the effort to be more sustainable doesn’t have to be such a hard thing. It starts in the simple changes that you do and making conscious decisions not to be as wasteful as you used to be. Remember that this effort is no longer just for yourself and the generation you belong to. It’s also a generational responsibility you have for your children and those who come after.

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