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5.7X28 Ballistics

The accompanying ballistics diagram is with the 40 grain Speer Gold Dot empty point 5.7X28 spoken about above. This data comes from Speer’s site:

Muzzle 50 YDS

Speed (FPS)       1800       1510

Energy (LB/FT)  288         203

This next 5.7X28 Ballistics diagram is with the Federal Premium 40 grain target ammunition. This data was pulled from Federal’s site.

Muzzle 50 YDS

Speed (FPS)       1655       1387

Energy (LB/FT)  243         171

As may be obvious, the empty focuses show much preferred ballistics over the objective burdens do, with just shy of 300 pounds of energy at the gag.

For examination, a 147 grain XTP 9mm shot produces 310 pounds of energy at the gag.

A 90 Grain XTP 380 ACP shot produces 200 pounds of energy at the gag.

Your normal 223 Remington will create around at least 1,200 pounds of energy at the gag.

Every one of the above connections will carry you to every type’s particular ballistics page.

Realities about shield penetrating slugs:

Ammo that isn’t advertised as defensive layer puncturing may in any case be fit for entering a few degrees of body reinforcement.

Ammo that is promoted as protective layer puncturing might not be able to enter a few degrees of body reinforcement.

There are a few degrees of body covering accessible and 5.7×28 ammo being used, and a given cartridge might enter a few levels however not others.

Barrel length significantly affects the speed of a cartridge, and the aftereffects of infiltration testing ought to be assessed as far as the barrel length (or speed) that was utilized.

Ammo that is advertised as shield puncturing may not be ordered under Federal law as protection puncturing, whether or not it can infiltrate body reinforcement or not.

Practically all centerfire rifle ammo can infiltrate most degrees of body protective layer, paying little mind to its development or arrangement.

In the United States, defensive layer penetrating handgun ammo is unlawful for regular people. Notwithstanding, what establishes a reinforcement penetrating slug (as characterized by Federal law and the ATF) is frequently not what you may think. In particular, the SS190 ammo made by FN, which is intentionally confined to military and police deals, doesn’t fit the Federal meaning of reinforcement puncturing, paying little mind to how it is advertised.


The 5.7X28 Round is a quick, lightweight round that is at times fit for entering specific sorts of body shield. It isn’t quite so viable as entering covering as some would might suspect despite the fact that much has been distributed with regards to its adequacy as a shield puncturing round.

The reality of the situation, is that any ammunition might have the option to enter body defensive layer at some random time, even in an oddity mishap a particular kind or type of ammo might have the option to infiltrate it when not explicitly intended to do as such.

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