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4 Signs That a Wooden Fence Needs Replacing
4 Signs That a Wooden Fence Needs Replacing

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4 Signs That a Wooden Fence Needs Replacing

Wooden fencing can make a great addition to any garden, and a high-quality wooden fence that has been looked after well can last for up to two decades. However, since most fences are not made from one hundred percent treated lumber, most won’t last this long. As with anything, fences do eventually fall foul to wear and tear and will need to be replaced. For most wooden fences, you might start to notice some signs that it could need replacing after around ten years. But what are some of the main signs to look out for?


Various factors including the wind, rain, and ground shifting over time can cause the fence to start leaning to one side. When this happens, it is a sure sign that the general structure of your fence is no longer as strong as it once was, which is understandable if it has been up for many years. In some cases, slight leaning in just one section of the fence might not require a full fence replacement, and you could fix the issue by replacing the posts instead. You can get more advice from fence companies Edwardsville IL such as Fence Depot Co.


While one rotting fence board can usually easily be replaced to save the rest of the fence, if you have noticed that there is generalized rotting throughout the entire fence then it is probably time to think about getting a replacement. When this happens, you will usually notice rot appearing in the areas where the fence is closest to the ground, since this is where the most sustained moisture gets to the boards. Over time, you can prevent your fence from rotting by regularly applying treatments and preservatives; however, this is not always something you can completely avoid.

Missing or Split Boards

In most cases, if you just have one fence board that is missing or has split, it can usually be replaced. However, if there is splitting in lots of the boards or most of the boards are missing, then it’s probably time to think about getting a whole new fence for your home. Even the highest quality wood will eventually begin to crack after spending years under the rain and sun. When the fence boards are split and warped, this will not only bring down the aesthetics of your home and garden but can also lead to structural issues.

Repairs are Too Expensive

Finally, if your fence is no longer in the best shape, then it’s worth weighing up whether the cost of repairs are worth it. If you are often paying for repairs to be carried out on your fence and one thing after the other seems to be going wrong, then it probably makes more financial sense to get a replacement instead. At a certain point, it will usually be cheaper to pay for a new fence compared to continuing to pay for an old one to be repaired.

Wooden fences are designed to be durable, but there will always come a time when a replacement is needed.

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